New Amsterdam Reveals First Look At Hawaii Five-0 Vet Daniel Dae Kim's New Doctor

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It seems like ages ago that New Amsterdam announced that Hawaii Five-0 vet Daniel Dae Kim had joined the show. But it was only last month that news arrived saying Kim had been cast as Dr. Cassian Shin on the medical drama. Dr. Shin is the new head trauma surgeon at the hospital. A lot has happened since then, and fans are finally getting their first look at Kim in action.

Daniel Dae Kim was initially set to make his debut in the episode “Pandemic” before his debut hit a delay. New Amsterdam ended up deciding to pull the installment, which revolved around a flu epidemic, due to its similarity to the ongoing real life health crisis. This, of course, is an issue that strikes particularly close to home due to Kim testing positive for COVID-19.

Thankfully, Daniel Dae Kim is on the mend. The actor posted a message to fans after beating the illness and sharing the drugs he was on to combat it. Now, fans are finally about to see Kim as Dr. Cassian Shin in the April 14 episode “A Matter of Seconds.” Get your first look at Kim in character on New Amsterdam in the photo below:

New Amsterdam Daniel Dae Kim Dr. Cassian Shin NBC

Obviously, this picture does not give much away, but it is great to see Daniel Dae Kim in New Amsterdam. The sad news is that this will be the first and last episode where fans get to see Kim as Dr. Shin before Season 2 ends. Like many other series, the medical drama had to halt production early on its current season.

This means the April 14 episode of New Amsterdam will be the impromptu Season 2 finale. At least it is leaving on the high note that is Daniel Dae Kim joining the cast. Here is hoping he returns for Season 3, which has already gotten the go-ahead along with Season 4 and Season 5. It is all thanks to that mega-renewal.

If that first picture was not enough, here is another one of Daniel Dae Kim as the new character. This time, he is not pictured solo. In fact, he is sharing the screen with none other than Dr. Lauren Bloom. Are they talking about her recent troubles? Or are they discussing medical business? Give the New Amsterdam photo your best read by checking it out below:

New Amsterdam Daniel Dae Kim Dr. Cassian Shin Janet Montgomery Dr. Lauren Bloom NBC

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This picture says a lot without saying anything at all! Daniel Dae Kim’s Dr. Cassian Shin seems to be smiling while Bloom looks at him. I do not know what to make of her expression. Maybe she is as sad as I am that New Amsterdam Season 2 is almost over. Well, it is for a very good reason: keeping everyone safe and healthy. So, I cannot complain.

New Amsterdam has been crushing it in the ratings, and it will hopefully do that when it returns for its next season. I just hope that Daniel Dae Kim continues to be a part of the cast when it comes back. Fans definitely need more than one episode of Kim as Dr. Shin!

Tune in to see Daniel Dae Kim in action when the last new episode of New Amsterdam Season 2 airs Tuesday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Stay tuned to your television because there will be lots of spring premieres to help fill the void left by the medical drama.

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