NCIS: Los Angeles May Not Get Rid Of That Key Character After All

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Sometimes when it comes to your favorite shows, things aren't always what they appear and, in the case of NCIS: Los Angeles, that's good news for fans. Based on the latest episode, it seemed like Renée Felice Smith’s Nell would be leaving the team. Well, not so fast!

TVLine reports that the recent storyline was only meant to offer Renée Felice Smith a chance to pursue a non-NCIS: Los Angeles project. While that may provide a sigh of relief, Nell will apparently have to consider some crucial decisions surrounding her future. Luckily, Fan-favorite Hetty will reportedly give her the space to do that.

So will Nell decide to stay, or will she leave? There are fewer episodes left for Season 11 than originally planned, so it's unclear how things will pan out with the abbreviated season. NCIS: Los Angeles is, of course, one of the many shows that had to shut down production early, including its parent show NCIS.

As fans will recall, this is not the first time that fear has surrounded Nell’s place on the team. Towards the end of last season, NCIS: Los Angeles frightened fans as Eric and Nell considered moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. At the time, Nell was looking to take care of her mother.

Some were so concerned by the pair’s prospective plans that fans believed that this (along with other developments) could spell the end of NCIS: Los Angeles. Thankfully, the show ended up getting renewed, and Nell and Eric have remained a part of the team. Ahead of Season 11, it was announced that both of their portrayers, Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith, would return as series regulars.

The fact that both Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith returned as series regulars boded well for their roles on the show and signaled their commitment to the show. It also meant they'd be playing key roles. With this same logic, Medalion Rahimi’s promotion to series regular could be an indication that fans will be seeing a lot more of Special Agent Fatima Namazi on NCIS: Los Angeles moving forward.

Fans of the long-running CBS series will have to stay tuned to learn if Nell will inform Hetty either way about her status on the team ahead of NCIS: Los Angeles’ impromptu Season 11 finale.

In the meantime, Catherine Bell will be bringing Mac back to the series. Her return will happen in the episode airing Sunday, April 19. Catherine Bell is one of the stars who has helped make comebacks trendy on NCIS: Los Angeles this season. Hopefully, for fans, Nell will not have to leave the show and make a return later on.

Still, it's nice that the series is clearly taking an interest in trying to accommodate its cast member’s other interests. A break can undoubtedly do a star good in the long-term. Barrett Foa said that his break from NCIS: Los Angeles only made him love his character more.

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