Good Morning America Reporter Has Best Response To Appearing On Live TV Without Pants

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Even when many have been at it for over a month, working from home can still be a challenge to some. Live video has been the enemy of many, as the internet has been all over work calls where people get caught in situations that wouldn't have happened to them in the workplace.

That's especially true for reporter Will Reeve, who was "exposed" by viewers for not wearing pants while on camera when reporting for Good Morning America. Reeve (the son of former Superman actor Christopher Reeve) was doing his thing for the camera, completely unaware of the fact that his lack of dress pants was noticeable from his camera angle:

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Will Reeve's bare leg was on display for Good Morning America viewer to see and, by the end of his segment, folks were already tweeting about it. Obviously, it didn't take long for Reeve to realize his secret was out, so he hopped onto social media to explain.

Reeve wanted everyone to know that, no, he wasn't just hanging out in his boxers. The shorts were actually a part of his next outfit change, as Reeve injected a little humor into his online explanation:

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When someone gets caught like that, the only thing left to do is cop to it and laugh it off. Will Reeve did just that in his Twitter post, and is now unlikely to ever try to half dress for an on-camera interview again.

While the moment probably wasn't the most professional look for the reporter, this incident is very reminiscent of the BBC reporter whose family crashed his at-home interview. That news story ended up going up super viral, and any lecture that would've come from higher-ups about maintaining a professional workspace went out the door. I suspect that's largely the same situation here, as any punishment Reeve would face has already been delivered in the form of everyone knowing that he appeared on television without pants.

As mentioned earlier though, Will Reeve is far from the first person to have had an embarrassing moment go down while on the clock during this work from home era. No one is immune to the unexpected or the temptation to do a full work day without pants on. Some won't judge because they know they could be caught doing the exact same thing down the stretch and, hopefully, Reeve will be there to lend some support and some advice for how to come up with their own little witty explanation when the pressure is on!

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