Tim Allen Reminisces On Last Man Standing And Home Improvement Both Running For Eight Years

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Last Man Standing has been on TV for eight years and is waiting for word that it will be renewed for another season. The series marks yet another long-running success for its star, Tim Allen. As it stands, Last Man Standing is currently in a tie with Allen’s Home Improvement, in terms of their runs.

The '90s sitcom ran for eight seasons before concluding in 1999. Over twenty years later, Tim Allen has another highly-popular series in a similarly family-centric comedy, as Allen’s Mike Baxter navigates life with his wife and three daughters. While, on Home Improvement, Allen’s Tim Taylor was the father of three sons.

Ahead of Last Man Standing’s Season 8 finale, Tim Allen has reflected on the two families he has made on the set of the now-Fox sitcom and Home Improvement. Allen told Fox News:

Home Improvement was eight seasons, and that was a huge part of my life. And this family--though it doesn't replace the beautiful Home Improvement family that I still am close to, this family is now--we're empty nesters, Vanessa Baxter and Mike Baxter. And then everybody at the show--Kyle is grown up, and I've seen hairstyles and clothing [change].

This is interesting to hear from Tim Allen. Not too long ago, he teased how he would like Home Improvement to be revived. Allen suggested a one-hour, one-off special instead of a full-blown multi-season run à la the recently wrapped, Will & Grace. This move is one that makes sense, because Last Man Standing is in a prime position to continue its run.

As a viewer of both series, it is nice to hear Tim Allen share how close he still is with his Home Improvement co-stars. A while ago, Allen welcomed Patricia Richardson, who played Allen’s wife, Jill, on Home Improvement to Last Man Standing. The best of both TV worlds! Allen seems to cherish the experience of both series’ long runs.

Of course, this development has enabled him to see the cast and their characters grow up. For instance, Tim Allen mentions “Kyle” and his ever-changing hairstyles. Allen is referencing Mike Baxter’s sweet son-in-law, who has really come of age during Last Man Standing’s run across two networks.

Kyle is now married to Mike’s daughter Mandy, and ahead of the Season 8 finale, it was revealed that the couple is expecting a baby. If you thought there was nothing more to anticipate, Last Man Standing keeps dishing out the surprises. The season-ender is gearing up to have a cliffhanger and, hopefully, even more excitement. Will we even get a Home Improvement reference? Stay tuned!

While Tim Allen is right about Mike and Vanessa being empty nesters, their family has only continued to grow this season. Kristin is expecting her second child, and Mandy is expecting her first. Meanwhile, their youngest daughter Eve is at the Air Force Academy. Like Allen’s Home Improvement co-stars, Eve’s portrayer (Kaitlyn Dever) remains a beloved part of the Last Man Standing family.

Time will tell if Last Man Standing endures past its current eight seasons. Fox has yet to make an announcement on the renewal front. If the sitcom gets renewed for Season 9, it will outlast Tim Allen’s Home Improvement, surely to the delight of fans everywhere. Stay tuned to see if it happens! May is almost here, so the usual spate of renewals should begin shortly.

Sadly, this season of Last Man Standing is almost at an end. Thank goodness for those CMT reruns! The Season 8 finale airs this Thursday, April 30, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Home Improvement is currently streaming on Amazon. If you need more to watch, check out this summer’s premieres to stay entertained.

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