Disney's Baby Yoda Mask Is The Cutest Thing Since, Well, Baby Yoda

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If your heart needs a bit of a boost today, Disney has you covered. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people are practicing social distancing and wearing masks, along with other practices. Cue Disney’s inevitable creation of a Baby Yoda mask, which is officially the cutest thing since Baby Yoda defined cuteness with his debut.

You can now stay healthy with the help of Baby Yoda, as ShopDisney has unveiled a 4-pack set of Star Wars-themed cloth face masks. The other solo character featured is the also adorable (in my opinion) RD-D2. But leave it to Baby Yoda to steal the spotlight, as the mask with his image features him taking an infamous sip from his cup. Check it out:

Baby Yoda Face Mask Disney

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It's the dose of adorable every soul needs right now! This is another bit of merchandise from Disney when it comes to The Mandalorian’s breakout character. Fans will recall that they were notoriously kept from getting Baby Yoda toys over the holidays because the character’s existence was meant to be a secret.

Thankfully, a plush version of Baby Yoda has since emerged, although it quickly sold out when it first hit store shelves. There's also a toy that talks and unleashes the power of the Force. Based on the times we're currently living in, a Baby Yoda mask honestly seems like the obvious choice on Disney's part. The company hasn't stopped when it comes to Baby Yoda merchandise, and why would they? Fans quickly began buzzing about the character, and that's only continued since the first season of The Mandalorian concluded.

Despite this, fans were once advised they may get less merch than previously expected due to the coronavirus pandemic. Though it would appear that Disney has found a way to both capitalize on the character's popularity and provide a safety tool for those who are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Baby Yoda memes have made quarantining a lot better for many, a face mask bearing his visage could make the experience even more tolerable. One has to wonder if The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal plans to join fans in picking up a mask, as it he also seems to be a fan of his adorable co-star.

Despite this, not everyone is impressed. Cast member Werner Herzog did dare to say that Baby Yoda is not cute, so would seeing the Baby Yoda face mask change his perspective on that? I would like to think it would. Hopefully, everyone who wants one can pick up a Baby Yoda mask can do so, as they anticipate The Mandalorian’s second season, which has a lot in store.

The actual Baby Yoda can be seen on The Mandalorian, which is currently streaming on Disney+. As it stands, Season 2 is still set to arrive this October. While you anticipate its premiere, you can also see what this summer’s schedule has to offer you.

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