Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy And McSteamy Get Together (Safely) For Social Distancing Pic

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He was McDreamy, and he was McSteamy. Together, they are social distancing. People have been urged to remain at least six feet apart for several weeks now, and former Grey’s Anatomy co-stars, Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane are showing the world how to hang out together safely, with a handy picture to prove just how it's done.

So, a gleeful appearing Eric Dane posed for a blurry picture with Patrick Dempsey, and the result is pretty epic. Dane appears to give a thumbs-up as Dempsey stands in the background with his arms spread. The former Grey’s Anatomy stars are clearly enjoying their time social distancing together. Ryan Reynolds would be proud! Check it out below:

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If you have been wondering what the former cast members of Grey’s Anatomy have been doing, this is one answer. These two guys really know how to live life right. And what a view. Patrick Dempsey may have left Grey’s Anatomy a while ago, but the ex-TV doc has remained present.

This social distancing picture comes not long after Patrick Dempsey did a cool thing for real doctors combatting the coronavirus. Dempsey and his former Grey’s Anatomy co-star, Sandra Oh, came together with other medical show stars for a tribute video to medical professionals. In news a little closer to Grey’s Anatomy, Dempsey also showed his approval to Beanie Feldstein’s guest spot on the drama.

As for McSteamy, Eric Dane has moved on to HBO’s buzzy drama, Euphoria. Dane has also had some things to say about Grey’s Anatomy. He recently ended a fan’s dream of him returning to the medical drama via a super direct Twitter response. Dane said, “He’s super dead.” Thankfully, Dane and Patrick Dempsey are alive, and despite no longer starring together, they are still hanging out (six feet apart).

It is nice to see that some of the Grey’s Anatomy cast have remained close despite their exits and current tough times. Social distancing is necessary these days as people do their best to stay healthy and keep others healthy as well. Speaking of McDreamy and McSteamy’s former hangout, Grey’s Anatomy had to end its recent season early to assure the safety of its cast and crew.

Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane are now doing their part to keep social distancing in the public eye. I would like to think that McDreamy and McSteamy would very much approve. On another note, it is strange that the picture Dane posted has an almost ethereal quality to it considering how both actors’ characters exited. Coincidence? Most definitely.

You can check out McDreamy and McSteamy via classic Grey’s Anatomy episodes, as it is currently streaming on Netflix, along with lots of new 2020 content. While you wait for the medical drama to return for Season 17, stay cool with this summer’s sizzling premieres.

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