Baby Yoda Memes Have Made Quarantining A Lot More Adorable

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The coronavirus pandemic had resulted in millions of people quarantining themselves for the sake of public health, but the social distancing can unfortunately result in feeling like the rest of the world is in a galaxy far, far away. Luckily, Star Wars and Baby Yoda have a way to make quarantine just a little bit more adorable.

Who am I kidding? The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda makes quarantine a whole lot more adorable, as the little green alien who stole Mando's heart proves to be as great for quarantine memes as he was for tea-sipping memes while Season 1 was releasing weekly on Disney+. So, without further ado, check out some Baby Yoda memes to make your quarantine much cuter!

The world may be in a state of disarray, but is there anybody would who challenge results declaring Baby Yoda the cutest in the galaxy? Even Babu Frik would have to admit that Mando's best buddy had the edge in cuteness.

Still, Baby Yoda doesn't always look particularly happy, even if that doesn't make him any less adorable. One of his more vulnerable moments inspired a meme about social distancing:

Do it for Baby Yoda, everybody! Those bars of Baby Yoda's little cradle may not be prison bars, but the youngster looks about ready to make a break for it to interact with some people again.

Still, not everybody can be represented by sad Baby Yoda in the time of quarantine. For some, happy Baby Yoda is more appropriate!

Hopefully some of those frowns will be able to turn upside down sometime soon! At the very least, Baby Yoda is available in live-action on Disney+ if you're in the mood for even more cuteness. And also a Mandalorian warrior using all his skills to protect himself and his unlikely kid, but Baby Yoda is probably the cuter of the two. At least when Mando is wearing his helmet, anyway!

When the day comes that Baby Yoda and Mando have a real face-to-face conversation, maybe this will be the look on Baby Yoda's face:

Sometimes there's no choice but to make the best of an unexpected situation, and quarantine isn't the greatest situation for extroverts.

And hey, why not make the best out of an unexpected situation by making it funny? Check out Baby Yoda's quarantine birthday party:

Can I officially start a petition for The Mandalorian to find some excuse to put Baby Yoda in a birthday hat at some point in Season 3? Season 2 has already finished filming, but what's Star Wars about if not hope?

Another meme doubles as both an adorable picture of The Mandalorian's scene-stealer and a commentary on different kinds of hand sanitizer:

Glitter may not be recommended as particularly helpful during quarantine, but there's nothing wrong with a hand sanitizer that manages combine cleaning hands with looking sparkly, is there?

No matter how difficult quarantine may be in these uncertain times, at least this next meme proves there's reason to look forward to getting back to friends once the need to social distance is over.

baby yoda meme

If Baby Yoda can find happiness in life despite being a nonverbal 50-year-old toddler whose only guardian is a warrior who refuses to take off his helmet and provides choking hazards as toys, then so can we all, right? Baby Yoda memes really do seem to apply to pretty much any situation. If Baby Yoda and his meme-ability winds up being The Mandalorian's legacy, then so be it.

For the full Baby Yoda experience beyond social media memes, you can find the first season of The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+ now. The second season is slated for a fall release, and it may just feature a popular animated Star Wars character making the jump to live-action for the very first time. If you need a Star Wars fix sooner than fall 2020, be sure to check out the final arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, also on Disney+.

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