Steve Carell's New Netflix Series Trailer Has F-Bombs, Explosions And All The Jokes

Space Force Steve Carell watches proudly from the control room

It takes a firm hand to execute a subject that’s both topical and ripe for humor. So who better to take on the formation of a new branch of the military than Steve Carell and the co-creator of The Office, Greg Daniels? If you thought their take on modern corporate life was hysterical, then brace yourself for Space Force: the new Netflix show that has f-bombs, explosions, and all of the jokes you could hope about the final frontier.

Get a taste of the future, courtesy of the trailer below:

Space Force sees Steve Carell once again becoming the boss you love to laugh at, though his new character, General Mark Naird, seems a bit more commanding than Michael Scott ever was. Though that doesn’t stop him from being the butt of the joke, as even his subordinates find the concept of a Space Force all too easy to ridicule.

Co-starring John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and Lisa Kudrow, with plenty more notable faces in the mix, Space Force looks to be a potential streaming hit for Netflix. And if they’ve played their cards right, there’s a chance they may have found a show just as addictive as The Office, replacing that Dunder Mifflin-sized hole in their streaming library.

The prospect is a particularly pleasing one, especially when throwing sitcom royalty like Kudrow and Schwartz in with heavy hitters like Malkovich and Steve Carell makes Space Force a comedic force to reckon with. As Friends is another one of those massive TV titles that abandoned the streaming giant’s library and Parks and Recreation is staying put until this October, there’s a built-in audience that could crossover into Space Force’s theater of operations.

And if that’s not enough, there’s some prime swearing done by Carell, who uses some choice language that Michael Scott could never use on The Office, as a scenario with a spacecraft exploding on the launchpad leads to some of those f-bombs we promised you earlier. There’s just something about Steve Carell’s exasperated utterance of certain swear words in both shows like Space Force and movies like The Big Short that feels like hysterical art.

Though if swearing isn’t your thing, don’t worry: there’s some Beach Boys humor involved in Space Force’s fun and games as well. Apparently, Carell’s General Naird likes to go to his happy place in points of ultimate frustration. And that happy place is in the lyrics of “Kokomo," as the General clearly isn’t a “Good Vibrations” sort of guy.

Space Force couldn’t have come at a better time, as audiences have gotten a nostalgia fix with that recent Parks and Recreation special but probably would like to see something new and exciting enter the equation. With a dry sense of humor, chaotic bureaucracy in close quarters, and an all-star cast that knows how to deliver, Space Force looks ready to blast off into the annals of history.

Space Force hits Netflix on May 29th.

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