What George Lucas Thinks About Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Final Season

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After nearly 12 years (on different TV platforms), the Clone Wars have finally ended. Star Wars: The Clone Wars officially completed its seventh and final season with the bittersweet “Siege of Mandalore” arc that gave closure to Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex and Maul’s journeys. Series producer Dave Filoni has primarily guided the show throughout its run, but he’s also worked with Star Wars creator George Lucas to craft stories. But what does the man himself think about the final slate of episodes?

Sam Witwer, who has served as the voice of Darth Maul on both Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and Solo, revealed that George Lucas has been sending positive notes on Clone Wars’ final season to Dave Filoni and is hoping the same will be true for the finale:

George [Lucas] has been calling Dave and giving him nice little comments on the episodes. I really, really hope we get some positive feedback from the maker himself when this comes out. This show has such a special place in George’s heart. He was so happy when he was making this show, and we were so happy to be implementing it for him…you really did just get a directive from George, and that directive got discussed and translated by Dave Filoni, and then it went right to the actors, animators, lighters, everything. It just got done.

During his chat with Star Wars Holocron, Sam Witwer didn’t seem to be surprised by the feedback from George Lucas. Witwer feels that “Siege of Mandalore,” in particular, has Lucas’ fingers on it and holds a lot of significance because it closes out the final George Lucas-produced Star Wars project:

That’s the fun of watching the Siege of Mandalore, because it just feels pure in its intention… It’s so cool that this is the last George Lucas produced Star Wars. The last Star Wars that has George’s fingerprints on it. I truly loved to hear that George was reacting well to [the final season of The Clone Wars]. And I’m happy to hear that he likes how Clone Wars is going so far this season and I really hope he likes our finale because that’s where it all counts.

The final season of Clone Wars was an emotional experience for a number of reasons, and George Lucas’ involvement is definitely one of them. Although he has still been present as a consultant on the set of projects like The Mandalorian, Lucas himself doesn’t seem to have had a direct hand in creating a production since Clone Wars.

While it appears the mastermind behind the galaxy far, far away isn’t actually creating for the franchise, he can still take satisfaction in the fact this his final contribution has ended on a high note.

All seven seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are available to stream on Disney+.

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