Why Westworld’s Wild Season 3 Finale Twist For Dolores Is Really Bothering Me

Dolores in the Season 3 finale

Spoilers ahead for the Season 3 finale of Westworld "Crisis Theory"

HBO's Westworld is a massive science fiction epic, which has take home a slew of Emmy Awards since it first debuted. The show's third season just wrapped up, and it was a much different adventure than the previous two installments. The story was taken outside of the parks, with Dolores continuing her master plan and recruiting Caleb (Aaron Paul) in the process. Season 3 was a wild and often confusing, although it had some seriously enjoyable payoffs. But the big twist for Dolores in the finale is really bothering me.

Dolores has been the main character of Westworld since the beginning, and we've watched through the years as she navigated her memory and eventually led a robot revolt against humans and those in charge of running the parks. She's killed a ton of humans throughout the past few years, especially as she mass executed them back once the hosts took control of the park in Season 2. But Season 3's finale turned this all on its head, as "Crisis Theory" found Evan Rachel Wood's protagonist actually change her mind about humans, and even encourage Maeve to save them.

Throughout the third season of Westworld, Dolores had been singularly focused on her goal-- although exactly what that was remained a mystery to the audience for the majority of the episodes. But she seemed once again focus on taking revenge on humans, this time within their world. Dolores released the data that was mined about humans and their potential, which resulted in mass chaos. But it turns out that she was actually... on their side the whole time?

"Crisis Theory" sees the villainous Serac incapacitate Dolores, and slowly delete her memory in hopes of finding the key to the heavenly host dimension known as The Sublime. In her final moments she connects with Maeve in a dream version of Westworld, where her "true" feelings soon become clear. Dolores actually appreciates humans for creating beauty in the world, as well as creating the hosts. As such, she wanted to free them of the society that Serac created, which stripped them of their free will. As she dies, she encourages Maeve to take arms and continue the cause.

While this is surely an unexpected plot twist with a great performance by Evan Rachel Wood, it's really bothering me. Dolores was responsible for the deaths of countless people once the hosts rose up and revolted in the park during Season 2. While some of them were the most powerful people at Delos, others were invited guests and spouses. Dolores personally mowed them down while on her horse, and also executed them by hanging. But now it turns out that she doesn't have a grudge against the entire human race at all.

In fact, Dolores was even willing to die (for real) in order to ensure that the plan came to fruition. It just feels like a plot twist that came out of nowhere, considering her history with humans. She and her clones also killed plenty of people throughout Season 3, leading up to this surprising revelation. It just didn't sit right with me, and I'm not sure any rewatches will change my mind.

Westworld airs Sundays on HBO. Be sure to check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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