Is Legends Of Tomorrow's Game-Changing Sara Twist Actually Going To Stick?

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Spoilers ahead for the May 5 episode of Legends of Tomorrow, called "Ship Broken."

Sara Lance finally woke up from her coma on Legends of Tomorrow, but she's not quite the same as she was before. Although "Ship Broken" revealed that Sara seeing the goddess of Death resulted in the gift of precognition, there was a downside to her new power: Sara is blind. Yes, Sara can see flashes of the future, but not what's happening right in front of her. Will this twist stick?

Honestly, if any character was going to be struck blind and then return to business as usual, Sara was the best bet despite her previous lack of superpowers. As Sara told Ava, she spent years training while blindfolded for the League of Assassins, and she barely needed to be led around in "Ship Broken." As for fighting, Constantine reminded her that her ears work even if her eyes don't, and she got to show off her skills even if she couldn't see her opponent.

That said, permanently blinding Sara as the Legends of Tomorrow leading lady and Waverider captain (without Ray present as a possible replacement) might cause some complications that the show isn't ready for. She lost her vision due to a supernatural event; surely a supernatural event could restore her sight, even if it cost her the precognition power she just gained, right?

I'm inclined to think Sara will see again, and probably before the end of Season 5, but fans can probably count on at least one more episode of Sara time-traveling without her sight. The next episode will be called "Freaks and Greeks," the focus will seemingly be on the Legends going back to Nate's old college to try and retrieve a Greek artifact, with Sara, Astra, Ava, and Charlie forming a sorority as part of the mission.

Sara will apparently jump right back into the action without any kind of detour to try and restore her sight. Episode photos do suggest that Sara will go to the trouble of hiding her blindness (and probably make work easier for Caity Lotz).

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Sara is rocking the sunglasses in the "Freaks and Greeks" episode! Her blindness in "Ship Broken" was only shown via cloudy eyes, so it shouldn't be too tricky for Caity Lotz to play Sara without her sight as long as she can cover her eyes with sunglasses. She has faced greater challenges than acting in sunglasses!

Based on another episode image, Caity Lotz really might need to be able to see beneath those sunglasses for a "Freaks and Greeks" scene:

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That right there looks an awful lot like an intense game of beer pong, including paddles! Sara may be blind and she may be playing a frat guy, but my money is on Sara here. Nate doesn't look too confident, whereas Charlie looks like she may be the referee in the game.

Find out what happens next for Sara and whether she'll regain her sight when the "Freaks and Geeks" episode of Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, following the Season 6 finale of The Flash that may or may not have a major twist for Iris.

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