Blue Bloods Actor Nick Cordero's Wife Says He's Showing 'Early Signs' Of Waking Up

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Blue Bloods actor Nick Cordero and his family have been at the center of some of the most candid high-profile stories about the process of dealing with a COVID-19 diagnosis. His wife, Amanda Kloots, has used social media to keep followers updated on her husband's state since he was hospitalized with coronavirus, and now she has some hopeful developments to share. Her husband is showing signs that he may wake up from his coma, which was medically-induced.

Amanda Kloots shared a video on her Instagram Stories on May 6 (via People) detailing the good news for Nick Cordero:

The doctor just called and said that Nick is showing very, very, very early, early, early stages of tracking, which means he started to wake up, which is huge, early, early, early signs. But basically he's opened his eyes, but nothing's been behind it. And now he's slowly starting to show signs. Again, these are early, early, early signs and super, super small movements that not only one nurse saw, but a couple. So the doctor just really thinks that this is just a great sign and that he's starting to wake up.

While Nick Cordero hasn't yet woken from his coma, despite previous expectations, Amanda Kloots shared that there are reasons to be more optimistic than ever that he will wake. The fact that more than one medical professional noted the tracking movements is seemingly encouraging to both Kloots and Cordero's doctor.

Nick Cordero's struggles with the complications of COVID-19 have been well-documented by his wife and provide a window into how awful a diagnosis can really be. His leg was amputated after it came down to saving his life or saving his leg. He had to have a pacemaker placed in his heart, but Amanda Klootz promised that he was recovering well, and the plan at that point was to take him off the ventilator and put a feeding tube in to make him more comfortable.

Unfortunately, the leg amputation and the pacemaker weren't the end of his health troubles. Nick Cordero's lungs were severely damaged, to the point that he had holes in them, and doctors had to clean them out. Still, Amanda Kloots remains hopeful, and her family has apparently had a place to stay thanks to Scrubs star (and good friend) Zach Braff!

Amanda Kloots shared how the early signs of Cordero waking up and tracking have impacted her emotional state:

Feeling a little bit of relief here. I just feel like what a great, great phone call to get from the doctor. Just these small, small wins, but it's showing signs that there's some hope.

She also shared that it would be a "gift" if Nick Cordero was able to wake up on Sunday, which is Mother's Day, for both her and his mother. Whatever happens next, his health seems to at least be changing in a positive way, which is good news for his family and for all of the people who have been following his story via Amanda Kloots' social media and interviews.

In addition to posting video updates of the latest on her husband's health, Amanda Kloots has used Instagram to express her gratitude to the people who have been wishing Nick Cordero well and post tributes to him. Her latest was an adorable picture with their son with a touching caption:

A photo posted by on

Hopefully Amanda Kloots will soon have even more good news to share with followers about Nick Cordero's health and recovery. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest updates, and be sure to check out our 2020 summer premiere guide for some upcoming viewing options.

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