Grant Gustin Reveals The Change He Still Wants To See Happen With The Flash's Suit

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Grant Gustin has been playing Barry Allen for six seasons on The Flash and, in that time, his costume has seen some changes. For instance, when Season 6 started up, Gustin debuted the subtle upgrades the creative team made. Those specific embellishments involved some gold accents. But what does Gustin still want to see happen with the Flash’s suit?

Well, the actor recently opened up about another addition he would like to see the superhero series make to his character’s costume. Casual viewers may believe that the suit is already as close as its going to get to its comic book counterpart. However, hardcore fans may just agree with the one thing Gustin still wants:

Gold boots. We have the lightning at the top of the red boots that is kind of like the wing/lightning at the top, but that's really the only thing we're missing for it to be, pretty much, the complete comic book look. The suit that we have now essentially, but with boots to match the belt and then I feel like we're there.

That’s right, Grant Gustin told ET that he's ready for Barry Allen to put on his gold boots to complete his look as the Scarlet Speedster Gustin knows the show is close to crafting his character’s entire comic book counterpart, he's just missing that final accessory to put it over the top. If they do get added, they, hopefully, won't make his costume less comfortable. And as Barry faces new foes during The Flash’s run, he could use some gold boots to help freshen up his look.

With the gold boots being the final, true piece needed to complete the costume, I could see The Flash holding that one back indefinitely. But if Barry gets them, what would that signal about the future of the series? Would that be the equivalent of Clark Kent putting his full suit on during Smallville? For reference, that never truly happened.

Unless he somehow gets them in the Season 6 finale, fans will have to wait until Season 7 arrives to find out if Barry gets new footwear. Unfortunately, the current situation could make that easier said than done. As viewers more than likely know at this point, The Flash’s current season is ending early due to the Hollywood-wide production shutdown.

Because of the delay in shows returning to production, The Flash and other CW dramas are thought to possibly return later than usual for their fall seasons. So even if Barry does get those golden kicks, it could be some time before fans actually get to see them in action.

Of course, there are currently bigger questions on the table for The Flash that greatly outweigh what kind of shoes Barry Allen will sport in the coming season. Lately, the biggest question has been whether Barry’s wife, Iris, will return from the Mirrorverse.

Hopefully, Barry getting gold boots can happen well before The Flash ever ends. The Flash’s Season 6 finale airs Tuesday, May 12, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Afterward, you can anticipate this summer’s premieres, or relive the show’s past seasons on Netflix, where they are streaming alongside a lot of new 2020 content.,

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