Apparently, Donald Glover Wasn't Told About The Community Cast's Group Chat

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Netflix recently added Community to its lineup, and many subscribers who missed the comedy when it was on television are now realizing what a terrible mistake they made in doing so. The upside is there's currently an outpouring of love for the series, which has led the show's famous cast to come together for a virtual table read that will be released this month. However, right after recording the table read, the group got together to reminisce on the old days. It turns out even the stars learned some things from this recent chat, though that's not necessarily a positive for Donald Glover.

During the video call between the various main cast members and creator Dan Harmon, Yvette Nicole Brown asked Gillian Jacobs to share a video on the group chat the Community cast is in. No one batted an eyelash outside of Donald Glover, who had only just learned for the first time that there was a group chat:

Donald Glover: There’s a group chat? I’m not in this group chat.Yvette Nicole Brown: You're not in the group chat?Donald Glover: I literally, after this, I literally was going to be like, 'We should have a group chat.' There's no group chat?!Yvette Nicole Brown: I think we assumed you were too busy, Donald.

Yvette Nicole Brown's assumption wouldn't be off base. Donald Glover may be one of the busiest actors in the Community cast with his television show Atlanta, his music career, and various other Hollywood gigs. If there was anyone who would be intentionally left out of the group chat with good reason (minus Chevy Chase), it would be Glover.

Luckily, Donald Glover didn't seem too mad that he was excluded, and the rest of the cast was apologetic that he wasn't a part of it. After the laughs, Glover did still wonder if his castmates would have clued him in had he suggested a group chat, and Ken Jeong gave him a pretty honest (and hilarious) answer while they were all on The Darkest Timeline podcast.

Donald Glover: So, y'all didn't put me in this group chat. Wow, it is kind of funny. Afterwards I was going to be like, 'I should start a group chat.' If I had started one, would you guys have told me there was one already?Ken Jeong: No, no we wouldn't. We wouldn't have said it.

For the record, it's entirely possible Glover was already a part of a group chat, and this could've been a bit between the Community cast given their closeness and amount of improv they did on set. Whether it was or not, there's no denying that no matter how big a star Glover or anyone who was on or involved in the series gets, the comedy will always hold a special place in their heart. It's an added bonus, of course, that the series is getting a ton of attention in the present and may even make the long-teased Community movie a reality.

The Community virtual table read will be released on Monday, May 18 at 2 p.m. PT, but you can also stream the show on Netflix in the meantime. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news happening in television and movies.

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