The Voice Season 18 Finale Has Two Obvious Frontrunners, But Who Will Win?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Voice Season 18's Top 5. Read at your own risk!

The Voice has locked its Final 5 for Season 18, and set the stage for a big finale. Despite the finale having five contestants for the first time ever, however, it really feels like the competition will ultimately come down to a showdown between two of the season's powerhouse competitors. The only question left is who will win: Thunderstorm Artis or Todd Tilghman?

Since the beginning of The Voice Season 18, it has been clear Thunderstorm Artis and Todd Tilghman were the ones to watch. Thunderstorm has commanded the stage with his acoustic guitar and powerful voice, while Todd's voice and background as a pastor made him an instant favorite with the fans. Both are equally deserving of the win, and fans should be happy with either taking home the top prize.

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Both contestants were four-chair turns, and have been equally celebrated most of the way through. The sole exception would be that Thunderstorm Artis did lose a battle round in Episode 10, which resulted in him being saved and transferred from Team John Legend to Team Nick Jonas. Is this the key to who will be victorious should it come down to these two? It's hard to say because there are just so many moving parts to The Voice, but definitely food for thought.

It also just may come down to what The Voice audience is feeling the night of the finale. Todd Tilghman's song choices have skewed country, the same as Season 17 winner Jake Hoot. Thunderstorm Artis is more of an acoustic pop combo with song choices similar to Season 16 winner Maelyn Jarmon. It should be noted that Todd is the only country artist in the finale, which could indicate how audiences are leaning this year.

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Speaking of which, it's not like Micah Iverson, CammWess, and Instant Save winner Toneisha Harris are chopped liver. All have given their fair share of impressive performances, though it could be argued their presence in the finale came from this year's decision to have the top-voted contestant from each coach in the season finale. Had audiences just picked five from the remaining 9, there's a good chance this finale could've looked a lot different. Still, this is technically anyone's game, even if to me it feels like this is a showdown between Todd Tilghman and Thunderstorm Artis.

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