The Voice's Kelly Clarkson Praised By Fans For Going Makeup Free In Quarantine

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Voice Season 18's Top 17 episode. Read at your own risk!

Life in quarantine has meant working from home for many across the country. Folks can work at home in their sweatpants, or even with no pants. It can be as casual and low maintenance as you want, and Kelly Clarkson proved that by appearing on one The Voice in quarantine seemingly makeup-free.

Kelly Clarkson's no-makeup look did not go unnoticed by fans, many of whom were giving her all sorts of praise for her decision. For those that didn't catch this episode of The Voice, here's a quick clip of Clarkson praising Megan Danielle for her rendition of Demi Lovato's "Anyone."

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Throughout the night, viewers took to Twitter to talk about Kelly Clarkson's no-makeup look, and praise The Voice coach for not going above and beyond while she's chilling out in Montana.

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Finding a celebrity-level makeup artist in Montana is probably a lot more difficult than it would be to track one down in Hollywood. As opposed to trying to do something big on her own, Kelly Clarkson pulled the natural look and got a lot of compliments in the process.

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Anyone going makeup-free, male or female, is not necessarily a common thing on shows like The Voice, which may be why so many people took notice. Luckily it seems every comment was positive, and the trolls were off elsewhere as people continued to praise Kelly Clarkson's look for the quarantined live rounds.

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The compliments poured in as The Voice's coaches all reported in from their respective homes across America. As previously mentioned, Kelly Clarkson has been living out on her Montana ranch, which is a far cry from the The Voice sound stage. While she may not have had all the luxuries in quarantine she's used to in normal life, Clarkson was living her best life during the episode and fans were loving it.

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It truly is everything to see anyone getting back to what's comfortable in these uncomfortable times. Kelly Clarkson was doing that to the max, and possibly inspiring some future change when she finally returns to work in a normal fashion.

The Voice is not the only place that Kelly Clarkson has been rocking the makeup-free look. Clarkson has been doing the same thing on her daytime talk show, and has gotten some praise from viewers for taking a stand there as well. For the record, Clarkson has said she does enjoy the makeup routine she has when she's on set, but that the no hair and makeup routine she's gotten into at home has become her favorite part of ranch life.

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