YouTube Star Corey La Barrie's Death Gets Emotional Tribute From Best Friend And Video Partner Crawford Collins

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Fans of popular YouTube star Corey La Barrie were extremely shocked to learn that the online entertainer had been killed in a deadly car accident over Mother's Day weekend, with his friend and Ink Master vet Daniel Silva getting arrested for the crash. After a few days of relative silence, La Barrie's best friend and YouTube channel partner Crawford Collins opened up and shared his heavily mournful reaction to the unfortunate tragedy, following in the footsteps of La Barrie's mother and brother.

With a heavy heart, Crawford Collins took to Instagram and shared a lengthy and loving post honoring his bestie and roommate Corey La Barrie. Check out the first half below.

Corey, you were my brother/best friend/channel partner and one crazy motherfucker. From the the 1st day I met you you’ve done nothing but push me to be a better person and help me out any chance you had. Anytime i needed help with a video or had no money to call an Uber or needed a place to stay you were always the 1st one to help me out and the same would go for any of your friends that needed the same. You are the perfect example of a supportive friend and what everyone is saying about you supports that 1000x over.

Already popular on YouTube and social media as separate entities, Corey La Barrie and Crawford Collins joined forces for the "Corey & Crawford" YouTube channel. There, the duo played games, took on various challenges, and generally had a good time.

Below is the rest of Crawford Collins' touching social media post.

You always lived life to the fullest (even though it often got us into some trouble) and those memories we share I will cherish forever. I’m gonna miss you yelling at me to 'edit the video!' or you asking me 'did you send in the footage?' and I wish more then anything that we could have accomplished all the big plans that we had for the future. But I take comfort in knowing how many people you impacted positively in such a short time and because of that your legacy will live forever. I’ve never been much of a writer and I could speak for hours about how much you’ve impacted me and everyone around you but i’ll end this one here. You’re a legend bro. Love you always.

It was only in March 2020 when La Barrie and Collins shared a video announcing that they had moved into a rather spacious Los Angeles house together dubbed the C4 House, which they shared with fellow YouTube influencers Chelsey Amaro and J.C. Caylen. The latter two appear in several of La Barrie's videos as well, and understandably shared in Collins' pain over their friend's death.

On Sunday, May 10, Corey La Barrie was celebrating his birthday and interacting with fans on social media, having shared a video of himself drinking champagne and jamming to 2 Chainz' "Birthday Song." That evening, he allegedly attended a party with Ink Master tattoo artist Daniel Silva, and the pair were said to be drinking alcohol.

Later in the night, Daniel Silva was allegedly driving at high speeds when he lost control of the car and crashed into a street sign and a tree. Witnesses claimed that an injured Silva tried to walk away from the accident, but was kept at the scene by concerned residents. He and Corey La Barrie were transported to the hospital, where the latter died from his injuries. Silva, meanwhile, was arrested for murder and taken into custody, with his bond initially set at $200,000.

Crawford Collins' emotional Instagram post can be read in full below.

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Corey La Barrie and his YouTube buddies had been making quarantine-based videos in the most recent past. Check out one of those videos below to get a sense of how friendly and silly La Barrie and Crawford Collins were.

For any fans who want to take part in helping the family out with funeral costs and the like, a GoFundMe campaign was set up by Ashley La Barrie. After only being up for around a day or so, it has already brought in more than the $150,000 goal, and is growing by the minute.

Here's hoping Crawford Collins and Corey La Barrie's family and other friends are able to continue celebrating the YouTube star's life to the fullest as a way of coping with their sadness.

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