Why Star Trek: The Next Generation's Riker Sits Down So Specifically, According To Jonathan Frakes

Ryker Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the most beloved shows of the Star Trek franchise, thanks in no small part to the fantastic ensemble cast it featured over the years. These people poured so much into their characters, and as the epsiodes went on, added little quirks that made these characters on screen seem like actual people you'd see on the street.

With that being said, Riker's quirk of how he sat in chairs may have made some fans think he's secretly an android. For those that don't remember, check out this compilation of Riker's technique for sitting in a chair.

No matter the chair, or section of the ship, Riker would often swing a leg over the top and then sit down. It's an action similar to what one would do when riding a horse, but far from the way the average person plops down in a chair.

So then, why did Riker do it? Jonathan Frakes discussed the sitting tactic during a Q&A of Star Trek: First Contact with IGN, and also explained how it pertained to his character.

That started in "Ten Forward" because the backs of the chairs were so low, it was easy. And then I thought, ‘This is really a hotdog, asshole thing to do. Nobody’s going to let me do this.’ And then nobody stopped me! It’s such a cocky, unattractive, kind of bad cowboy move.

Jonathan Frakes did it once, and when no one yelled "cut" or told him he was being an idiot, proceeded to make that a part of Riker's personality on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was a stunt that may have been harder for other actors to pull off consistently, but Frakes didn't seem to struggle too much with his 6'3 frame.

Riker's weird chair sitting deal isn't a thing most casual Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will immediately notice, mostly because there's a whole lot going on, like great stories, aliens, and Patrick Stewart acting his ass off. Those who browse the internet looking for stuff on the show will find out soon enough, though, thanks to the YouTube video above, which Jonathan Frakes gave a shout out to during the Q&A.

Whoever did the YouTube compilation of Riker sits down, it went viral and was even more embarrassing, and made me strangely even more proud.

Jonathan Frakes has been in the Star Trek news cycle a lot as of late, thanks in large part to his two-episode cameo in Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard. Frakes is also slated to direct upcoming episodes of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, though it is unknown if he tries to sit in director's chairs the same way he sits on the Enterprise.

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