The Masked Singer's Frog Really Shouldn't Win Season 3 After Special Reunion Performance

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Spoilers ahead for the "Road to the Finals" episode of The Masked Singer Season 3.

The Season 3 finale of The Masked Singer is fast-approaching, and Fox hyped viewers for the upcoming unmaskings with a "Road to the Finals" recap episode. While The Masked Singer flopped with fans when it aired a sing-along rather than a new episode and clip episodes aren't the most exciting in general, "Road to the Finals" ended with a special reunion courtesy of Dionne Warwick (a.k.a. the Mouse) leading a performance of "What the World Needs Now" with finalists Frog, Night Angel, and Turtle lending their voices. The performance was great, but convinced me that Frog shouldn't win the season.

Dionne Warwick performed her part of the song remotely, while The Masked Singer found a way for some fancier filming for the Final 3. Warwick of course crushed the performance, even from home, because what else would a music legend do? Night Angel and Turtle belted their own portions of the song and there was some lovely harmonizing, whereas Frog simply rapped over the end. Take a look:

I honestly liked the rapping portion and how it added some edge to a song that otherwise might have just felt like a cover -- albeit a fantastic cover -- of a well-known song. But this is The Masked Singer. A finalist who couldn't contribute to the song without a verse being added to accommodate his voice probably shouldn't take home the trophy, in my book.

Frog is talented and brought the kind of spectacle that makes The Masked Singer such a fun show. Making it to the final three, even over some fantastic singers, was all well and good. He even reminded viewers that rap certainly isn't easy, as he has had to master beat, rhythm, cadence, and melody.

Frog is very entertaining, and I would root for him on a show called The Masked Rapper or The Masked Dancer or The Masked Entertainer. Honestly, I would have loved to be in the audience to experience one of his performances in person and feel the energy that he clearly brings that has kept him winning votes all along. Judge Jenny McCarthy came right out and said that he's by far the best dancer who has appeared on the show to date.

I just can't bring myself to root for him over a singer with the pipes like the terrifying Night Angel and Turtle. While the finale could reveal some surprises when it comes to what the finalists are capable of, it's worth noting that Frog teased his finale performance by saying that he "saved the swaggiest for last." That doesn't indicate to me that he's going to hop out of the rapping/dancing box in his final bid for the trophy.

I won't be devastated if he wins, although I might be a little offended on behalf of the singers he beat in the finale of The Masked Singer. Whatever happens, the finale should be must-see TV. See whether Frog, Night Angel, or Turtle comes out on top of The Masked Singer Season 3 with the finale on Wednesday, May 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. For more viewing options now and in the not-too-distant future, be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule.

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