The Masked Singer's Frog Could Actually Win Season 3, And I Can't Believe It

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 3's Semifinals. Read at your own risk!

After weeks of tense showdowns, standout singing performances, and controversial eliminations, The Masked Singer Season 3 has whittled it down the three contestants that will compete in the finale. Two of the final three are not surprising, though the final one was certainly unexpected even as the show went down to the wire. Following Rhino's elimination, the Frog has officially joined Night Angel and Turtle in the finale.

On paper, Barry Zito's elimination as Rhino made sense. He was the only contestant remaining who was ever at risk for elimination throughout the season, while Frog, Night Angel, and Turtle all have unblemished records. The key difference between all of them is that they've all sang in the competition, and Frog has not.

The Frog's presence in the upcoming Season 3 finale of The Masked Singer is a bit controversial, because while he has put on some impressive rap performances, he's done absolutely no singing. Meanwhile, legends like Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick were sent home will little to no fanfare. Sure, they probably aren't losing a lot of sleep over being eliminated from the competition, but I wouldn't blame them being bitter considering it's a singing competition.

And yet, so much of Season 3 has shown that The Masked Singer should actually be called "The Masked Performer." Audiences vote for the most entertaining performance, and to his credit, Frog has delivered with a variety of high energy performances to match whatever song he's doing each week. Of course, most rap songs he has tackled are high energy.

I'm aware that I'm questioning the integrity of a show that parades celebrities out in animal costumes and makes them sing for our entertainment, and that the competition itself is far from American Idol or The Voice. It's supposed to be fun, but dammit, there are rules. The Frog could've rapped for a majority of the competition, but there's just something wrong if he actually ends up winning without singing one actual note. Why isn't Ken Jeong screaming about this as opposed to his random crazy guesses?

I'd imagine many more viewers of The Masked Singer may feel the same way, but admittedly it feels like Frog has very low odds of overcoming Night Angel and Turtle. Both are phenomenal singers, though I've incorrectly predicted the end of the Frog's run the past two episodes leading up to this. Maybe he will win it all, and the show and world at large will have to face the Frog rapping his way to winning The Masked Singer.

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