Tom Brady's Reactions To Splitting His Pants On Live Television Are An A+

Tom Brady in Man in the Arena (2021)

To many, Tom Brady is the pinnacle of success, having won more Super Bowl titles than any other NFL quarterback, broken numerous records and become a businessman and author. Sometimes one can forget that Brady is still human though, and he had a very “human” moment while competing in The Match: Champions for Charity, a golf match meant to raise money for COVID-19 relief. During the event, Brady ended up splitting his pants while reaching for his golf ball, but the athlete has since made fun of himself in the best possible way.

The internet was quick to take notice of Tom Brady’s embarrassing moment, and he jumped in to add to the jokes. When retweeting a photo of the incident, he joked that his pants were merely practicing social distancing like the rest of us:

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He also threw in another small jab at himself, but this time he also managed to squeeze in a plug for one of his endorsers:

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The public loves to have fun when celebrities have slight slip-ups and, admittedly, it can sometimes go a bit too far. However, it would seem most social media users are just having some lighthearted fun with Tom Brady, and it’s nice to see that he can more than take a joke.

Believe it or not, Tom Brady has proven to be quite self-aware when it comes to certain aspects of his career and personal life. When he was selected to be the cover athlete for Madden NFL 18 a few years ago, he had some fun with his newly earned honor. The former New England Patriot participated in a humorous clip in which he tried to fight off the infamous “Madden Curse.” With his personal appearance, Brady also has no trouble making jokes, especially when it comes to the various haircuts he’s had over the years.

This sense of self-deprecation has also expanded into the film and TV roles he’s taken. In Ted 2, Brady was depicted as having a glowing “package” when the film’s main characters sneak into his house. He most recently cameoed in the Paul Rudd-led Netflix comedy, Living With Yourself. A refreshed Brady appeared to be leaving a day spa, feeling relaxed and refreshed, though the role did drum up some unexpected controversy for him.

Not many athletes have the kind of immense status that Tom Brady has, aside from Michael Jordan and a few others. So it’s actually kind of refreshing when something like Brady’s wardrobe malfunction happens. It’s just a nice way to humanize the public figures that sometimes appear so intangible to us. While I would never want to wish any kind of major embarrassment on Brady, I wouldn’t be opposed to getting another one of these moments in the near future.

Fans who are hoping to get a bit insight into Tom Brady and his personal life can check out his upcoming ESPN docuseries, Man in the Arena, which will arrive in 2021.

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