The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz Thinks Abraham Could Beat Negan

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Michael Cudlitz has some strong feelings about Abraham’s chances against Negan, and he is making them known. The Walking Dead star opened about his character’s death at the villain's hands, and he did not mince words about what would have happened if the two had gone toe-to-toe, fair and square.

Fans will undoubtedly recall that Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham and Steven Yeun’s Glenn were both victims of Negan’s baseball bat, Lucille. Despite his atrocious behavior, Negan is still alive on The Walking Dead, and Cudlitz was asked if he thinks Abraham would kill Negan. To which Cudlitz responded by telling Dead Talk:

Everyone always asks the 'what if,' and it's difficult to do the 'what if.’ It's like, 'Well, would Daryl kill Negan?' Now look what’s happened — everything twists and shifts. I don't know. I think if it was one-on-one he would take him out, if all things being equal and all things being fair.

It is interesting for Michael Cudlitz to point out Daryl’s feelings towards Negan. When The Walking Dead left off, Daryl and Negan were kind of getting along. Norman Reedus subsequently explained how Daryl feels towards Negan nowadays, and mentioned that Daryl is still not over Negan murdering Glenn and Abraham.

Fans are currently awaiting The Walking Dead’s postponed Season 10 finale, and Michael Cudlitz has definitely given them some food for thought with his opinions. As Cudlitz points out, a lot has changed as the characters have had to make do with one another. So, while Abraham is not sure a fight would happen nowadays, he is relatively certain of who would be the winner, if one occurred.

The Walking Dead has undergone a lot of changes since Abraham and Glenn were killed off in the Season 7 premiere. So, there is a lot of room for fans and the series’ former stars to wonder “what if,” but Michael Cudlitz is not a massive enthusiast of doing so. Cudlitz explained why saying:

I don't like to play the 'what if' game because you always go, 'Oh yeah, I would have kicked his ass and I'd have changed the whole thing.' Well, no, I didn’t. I chose to give myself for the group and hopefully save some lives. Abraham was able to do one last selfless thing to hopefully secure the safety of the people that he loved, and his family.

Fans of The Walking Dead may wonder what might have been if Abraham had been able to kill Negan. However, the cold reality is that Negan is alive and ready to potentially die another day. That being said, The Walking Dead did tease what could have been had Abraham and Glenn had lived.

Rick notably imagined a future with Abraham expecting a child with Sasha as they ate dinner with Glenn and his child with Maggie. A future that will sadly never happen. Sometimes “what if” provides so happy of an outcome that it is just too depressing to answer. At least Abraham and Sasha had those scenes in her flashbacks.

Abraham has lived on in The Walking Dead franchise. He got an Easter egg on Fear The Walking Dead, and that is not where Michael Cudlitz’s connection has ended. For instance, Cudlitz has not been shy about sharing his opinion on how the show has progressed in his absence.

The Walking Dead star shared that he really hated the storyline between Rick, Negan, and the Saviors. Do not hold back! As for his exit as Abraham, Michael Cudlitz sounds contented with the fact Abraham chose to go out on a heroic note. If there were a “what if” that made an Abraham/Negan re-match possible, it would take away Abraham’s sacrifice.

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The Walking Dead’s Season 10 finale has not aired yet, so stay tuned until after this summer’s premieres. To catch Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham in past episodes, you can check out previous seasons of the zombie drama on Netflix, along with newly arrived 2020 content.

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