How That Meme-Worthy Baby Yoda Scene Happened On The Mandalorian, According To Bryce Dallas Howard

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Baby Yoda took the world by storm when it debuted on The Mandalorian, and every scene it was a part of felt special because of it. One scene is remembered more than others, of course, mainly because it became a meme that was shared around the internet a thousand times over after "Chapter 4: Sanctuary." Now, Bryce Dallas Howard has spoken about the moment she directed and how the meme-worthy moment came to be.

Bryce Dallas Howard recently shed some more light on Baby Yoda's scene-stealing moment from her episode. The Child's soup sipping during Din's fight with Cara wasn't originally meant to be a part of The Mandalorian at all, but was added in following a question from one of Howard's family:

My kids were on set pretty much every day. And even before we came to set, when it was the storyboards for the episode… when we were just conceiving of things, my [then-six] daughter would come into the editing room and whenever Baby [Yoda] wasn’t on screen, she would lean over to me and be like, ‘Where’s Baby? Where’s Baby? Where’s Baby?’ [Executive producer] Jon [Favreau] picked up on that, like, ‘Oh yeah — if the kid is wondering where Baby is, then we need to know where Baby is at all times.’

That's right, if it wasn't for Bryce Dallas Howard's daughter, the world would've been robbed of what may be one of the most remembered scenes of The Mandalorian Season 1. In retrospect, it's crazy to think the team didn't come up with that sooner, considering it wasn't entirely known whether or not Cara Dune was a good or bad person prior to her showdown with Din Djarin.

Someone could've easily snagged The Child if they wanted to during that scuffle, so the scene works to show there was no immediate threat to its safety in that showdown. Baby Yoda was just minding its business and sucking down some soup while watching his handler go toe to toe with a complete stranger. During ATX's TV At Home virtual panel (via TVLine), Howard went on to say:

There was something with the kids where Baby was very real and Baby was in danger and they needed to see where Baby was at all times… They needed to know Baby was safe. And from that a variety of moments came up that were constructed just because we wanted everyone to know Baby was safe.

All credit to Bryce Dallas Howard's daughter for bringing the issue of where The Child was to her mother and Jon Favreau's attention, but maybe these kids deserve a little more for being a child entrusted with one of Disney's biggest secrets. Howard explained that she had to remind her children (then 6 and 11) every day before show not to spill the beans on Baby Yoda's existence.

Who knows though, maybe the kids told the secret and those that heard it thought it was too wild to be true. I certainly would've been skeptical in a pre-Baby Yoda world but, now, I think we're all ready to absorb any and all details about the character anyone in the know is willing to give.

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