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Caitlyn Jenner Reflects On First Time She Saw Her Name On A Driver's License On 5-Year Anniversary

Caitlyn Jenner E! Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Reality television star Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner in 2015. It was the next chapter for the former Olympic athlete, who had spent decades prior battling gender dysphoria and living a life primarily in the spotlight. Jenner made the transition at 65, and while she experienced a lot in the immediate time after, there was one moment in particular that really stuck with her.

Caitlyn Jenner's crowning moment of her transition when she truly felt seen wasn't her reality series, or even an interview with the legendary Diane Sawyer. Instead, Jenner had a special reaction to viewing her driver's license for the first time, and shared more about that moment with People.

It was so emotional. There I was. Caitlyn Marie Jenner. But then, I wondered, did Bruce deserve to be thrown away like this? He did a lot of good things. He raised 10 kids. But I wasn’t turning around. Bruce did just about everything he can do. He raised 10 kids. Now what does Caitlyn do?

The thought sparked inspiration in Caitlyn Jenner, who began to donate to various LGBTQ fundraisers. Jenner explained however that, despite those donations, she's been uninvited to fundraisers due to her political views differing from others in the community. Though she was uninvited, Jenner has continued to contribute to the scholarships of trans students in private, and changed the focus of her foundation (the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation) to aid trans children. Jenner's foundation provides grants to organizations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people.

Caitlyn Jenner originally had bigger ambitions when she transitioned, but five years later, has seemingly accepted that she can't change the whole world at once. She spoke about her progress thus far towards advancing the rights of the trans community, and hoping to find more acceptance within the LGBTQ community eventually.

I’ve changed my thinking in a lot of ways...I love my community. I truly want to help. This is my journey. Yes, it is different than other trans people. I get it, but the bottom line is this: When I wake up in the morning, I’m happy with myself.

In the meantime Caitlyn Jenner remains somewhat entangled with the rest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, who always manage to find a spotlight even in the most unlikely of times. Jenner may continue to have the world's eye on her just as much as it was when she was Bruce Jenner, but the former Olympian says she's comfortable being in her own skin.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is set to return to E! in September, and pick up with the family's response to quarantine. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more news on what's happening in the world of reality television, and for the latest major headlines in television and movies.

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