Why Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Was Originally Hesitant About Joining The TV Series

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Kevin Costner has previously shared his take on starring on Yellowstone, including that rough transition from movies to television. Now, the actor is sharing why he was originally hesitant about joining the TV series, and he's got a good reason. It turns out that the hit show was not initially going to be on TV at all.

Yellowstone may seem like a massive leap for Kevin Costner on the surface. After all, he has admitted he does not even know where John Dutton’s story is going. So, that is where Yellowstone going from being a movie to a TV series probably came in handy. Speaking about his hesitancy to join Yellowstone, Costner told ET:

I thought we were going to do one long movie, 10 hours. So I'm down with long, I understand long really well, and it was pitched to me we were going to do one long movie. Somewhere along the line, they wanted to turn [it] into a series, and you kinda have to look at things again. I have my own internal reasons why I ended up doing it, but ultimately there's that window of opportunity... [where] you gotta jump creatively, and so I did that. I’m happy for the show and everyone in it.

Kevin Costner agreeing to star in Yellowstone was undoubtedly great news for his future castmates, who ended up including Cole Hauser. The actor plays Costner’s trusted right-hand, Rip, and told CinemaBlend that Costner was one of the reasons he agreed to star in the series. Costner’s iconic status didn't just draw other cast members to the project, either.

It was also an excellent motivation for fans and Paramount Network. Both of which are, undoubtedly, grateful Kevin Costner agreed to move forward with Yellowstone when it became a TV series. Although, that was probably not an entirely easy call for Costner, considering his film career has continued to thrive over the years. Television shows are a big commitment.

Kevin Costner did not elaborate on why he decided to take the leap back from movies to television for Yellowstone., but he had previously starred in History’s 2012 miniseries, Hatfields & McCoys. Of course, that is not to say that Costner has not explained why he liked the basic idea of Yellowstone, despite the apparent change in plans, with his reasons including getting the chance to showcase the wondrous outdoors.

Yellowstone’s success seems to indicate that Kevin Costner made the right decision. The Paramount Network series is heading into its third season, and it has already been renewed for a fourth before Season 3 has even aired. John Dutton will be back on your television screen this coming Sunday (June 21), and fans have every reason to highly anticipate this season, and the one beyond.

Kevin Costner has weighed in on the Western’s appeal, and he is definitely onto something. Yellowstone is a huge hit, and it could become even more of one as Season 3 gets underway. The series’ return will see Costner’s John Dutton facing off against new threats, while he continues mending his family. It should be a wild ride!

Find out what happens next for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and his family when Yellowstone’s third season premieres this Sunday, June 21 (Father’s Day), on Paramount Network. The new season is one of this summer’s premieres. If you want to catch up on John’s journey so far, stream Yellowstone when it becomes available on NBCUniversal’s upcoming service, Peacock, which launches nationally on July 15.

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