Last Man Standing Is Supporting Pride Month This Month

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The recently renewed Last Man Standing is joining other shows in supporting Pride Month. The show’s official Twitter account posted a video from Fox, which announced that throughout June, the network will be spotlighting the LGTBQ community. Check out the video and what Last Man Standing had to say below:

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Last Man Standing and many other network shows are on hiatus, which unfortunately means no special episodes will be dedicated to Pride Month. Although, this is a situation the show would be in this summer regardless of whether its season was cut short due to the global health crisis. Coincidentally, Last Man Standing does plan to address that topic when it returns.

Last Man Standing is not the only show or event that has been impacted by the coronavirus. As the Pride Month video mentions, the annual parades and celebratory public events will not go on as usual due to COVID-19. This could be an additional reason why Fox is taking steps to celebrate the LGBTQ community all June.

Perhaps, Last Man Standing can also show how its characters managed to celebrate Pride Month when it comes back for Season 9. Or make mention of how they plan to celebrate it towards the end of its next season when Pride Month 2021 will be closer. Perhaps Ryan mentions attending a Pride Parade to the family to which everyone comes aboard. Last Man Standing has been supportive of the LGTBQ community, and perhaps the next season will see even more of that support.

In terms of Last Man Standing's upcoming season, fans not only know the lockdown will play a role but also that the show plans to bring back Kaitlyn Dever as Eve. In addition, Tim Allen has voiced his hope that Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe will come back as Mike’s younger brother, Jimmy.

Of course, there's still the matter of resolving the story from that planned two-part season finale, which left fans (and the Baxters) anxiously awaiting the arrival of eldest daughter Kristin’s new baby girl. Though one thing Last Man Standing fans can probably cross off the list of Season 9 storylines is Vanessa’s political career, as it came to an end before the end of the season.

It is still unclear when exactly Last Man Standing Season 9 will go into production and return to our TV screens but, in the meantime, it's nice to see the show is using this time to spotlight Pride Month.

Last Man Standing is set to return for Season 9 at some point after this summer’s premieres on Fox. As fall gets closer, more should be known. Remember that while you wait for hit sitcom to come back, you can check out reruns on CMT.

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