The Way Last Man Standing Hopes To Bring Back Kaitlyn Dever In Season 9

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Are you dying for Last Man Standing to feature more of Kaitlyn Dever’s Eve if it gets renewed for Season 9? Well, you will be happy to hear what the show’s executive producer has to say. Dever has been leading a mega-busy life since departing the series as series regular. So, how does Last Man Standing hope to bring Kaitlyn Dever back for a potential Season 9? Let's just say, there's a plan standing.

Last Man Standing’s executive producer, Kevin Abbott recently spoke out about Eve's recent appearance and how the character could look on the show moving forward. Fans saw Kaitlyn Dever’s Eve at the start of this past season and at the very end. Eve returned just in time for the pseudo-season finale that featured a cliffhanger-ish conclusion; there was supposed to be more but unfortunately that didn't pan out. With that in mind, regarding how the show hopes to figure Dever into Season 9, Abbott told TVLine:

Exactly, and [Episode 22] was [going to be] very Mike and Eve-centric… If we get picked up again next year, I’m certain we will always try to have [Kaitlyn] at least at the beginning and the end of the season because she can commit more to that. We try to get her in the middle [of the season], but she’s very successful, so it’s all just dependent on her schedule.

This sounds promising and it falls in line with what Tim Allen has said regarding his hope for more Eve moving forward on Last Man Standing. Allen previously shared that he would prefer for Kaitlyn Dever to be on the show more, saying he would love to have her around “as much as possible.”

Originally, Dever took on a recurring role on the sitcom following its cancellation at ABC and subsequent revival on Fox. Thankfully, the acclaimed actress has still managed to put in appearances as Eve despite her schedule and having "left the series." Beyond that, the Last Man Standing cast clearly has a lot of love for Kaitlyn Dever and is wishing her well as she continues to build her impressive career.

It should be noted, Kaitlyn Dever has guest-starred in both of Last Man Standing’s seasons on Fox, a run that has meant an infusion of snark on the show not belonging to her dad, Mike Baxter. I have to say it was wonderful to see Eve and her dad back in action again in the Season 8 finale.

The scene where Eve (prompted by Mike) faked being upset about Ryan and Kyle staying over for “The Breakfast Club” was hilarious and a classic team-up between the father/daughter duo. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to have more scenes like that if Last Man Standing gets renewed. (Come on, Fox!)

As previously revealed by Tim Allen, Kaitlyn Dever’s Eve was supposed to be in the actual Season 8 finale. Hence, Allen’s assurance that the finale is worth anticipating. If Last Man Standing gets picked for Season 9, the finale episode will seemingly air as the premiere as long as plans don't change.

Fans will recall that Last Man Standing ended production on its latest season just shy of the initially planned Season 8 finale due to the coronavirus pandemic. A move the sitcom was not only in having to make. If everything works out with Kaitlyn Dever’s schedule (and a Season 9 renewal), all will not be lost. Eve should be back for the premiere.

Last Man Standing’s eighth season is over, so while you wait for word on if there will be a Season 9 for Kaitlyn Dever to return to, keep yourself busy with this summer’s premieres. Also remember, you can catch Last Man Standing re-runs featuring Kaitlyn Dever on CMT!

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