Why NCIS Fans Shouldn’t Expect A Gibbs Romance When Season 18 Debuts

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NCIS fans have a lot to look forward to when the show returns for Season 18. One of the stories that you should not expect, however, is a romance for Gibbs. Even though Gibbs has his fair share of chemistry and the relationship statuses of the NCIS characters can always change, executive producer Frank Cardea explained why a romantic plot isn't going to be a priority for Gibbs.

Many fans have been hoping that his flirtatious relationship with Maria Bello’s Jacqueline Sloane could turn into something more than flirting and that one Valentine’s Day kiss. Well, if you are waiting for Bishop and Torres’ relationship to heat up, NCIS is also going to make you wait for Gibbs’ love life to do the same.

On what viewers could expect to see between Gibbs and Jack in Season 18, NCIS executive producer Frank Cardea told TV Insider:

He has things to work on with himself before he’s ready to work on a relationship.

There you have it! According to the NCIS executive producer, Gibbs has a distance to go before he can begin to embark on a romance. Before the end of Season 17, which ended in April, Gibbs had opened up about one of his most personal fears.

It did not have to do with him being single. Instead, Gibbs shared that during his time serving in Kuwait, he worried that his wife and daughter would not recognize him upon coming home. Gibbs was overseas when his first wife and daughter were murdered, and the NCIS character has since remarried three times.

Speaking of the past, Gibbs will continue pursuing justice in the case of his friend Fornell’s daughter, who nearly died in Season 17. Searching for the culprit who supplied the counterfeit opioids should undoubtedly take up some of Gibbs’ time, including the hours that could otherwise be spent building a romantic relationship. It takes time!

If you thought that Jack may be lucky number five and keep Gibbs’ love life alive, think again. At least, for now. NCIS’ executive producer may have poured some cold water on the idea. However, he did not entirely shut it down. He just said that Gibbs needs to go through a bit of personal growth first.

What exactly Gibbs needs to (and presumably will) work on in Season 18 remains to be seen. NCIS left off with an impromptu finale. The one originally planned before production shut down on Season 17 could have spelled out Gibbs’ forward motion.

Perhaps Jack can help Gibbs on the investigation mentioned above. It would be something. One thing that you can hopefully count on is that NCIS episode about how Gibbs and Ducky met is still in the works. It was delayed in light of the shortened TV season. Here's to Season 18!

Stay tuned to learn when NCIS will return for Season 18 on CBS. In the meantime, catch up with Gibbs’ past via streaming. NCIS is one of many shows you can stream on Netflix, including new 2020 arrivals. For more viewing possibilities, there are this summer’s premieres.

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