Will Netflix's The Order Return For Season 3? Here's What The Creator Says

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The Order has returned to Netflix for its second season, and the ten episodes of the new season delivered about as much magic, drama, and shocking developments as could be expected following the first. Season 2 premiered less than a week ago, but the Netflix style of release means that it's never too early to start wondering if a renewal is on the way. Fortunately, The Order creator Dennis Heaton has already weighed in on whether more of the show could happen.

Netflix didn't waste time in renewing The Order for Season 2 after it debuted back in March 2019, and creator Dennis Heaton shared his hopes for what happens next in a chat with TV Insider:

All fingers crossed that we get the viewers, that Netflix can make that decision quickly and easily like they did last year.

The Order was renewed for Season 2 just three weeks after Season 1 debuted last year, which is definitely pretty quick, especially for a streamer that has earned a reputation for cancelling shows prematurely, and even some of the biggest hits of the summer so far haven't been renewed just yet. With The Order Season 2 only hitting the streamer on June 18, news presumably won't come about the show's future for at least another couple of weeks.

That said, The Order seems to be putting up a strong showing since its release of Season 2. At the time of writing, The Order holds the #2 slot on Netflix's Top 10 in the U.S., behind only Floor is Lava. Since Floor in Lava definitely doesn't occupy the same genre as The Order, it's safe to say that The Order is both Netflix's top scripted series and its top drama at this point.

Spoilers ahead for the second season of The Order. Viewers who have already caught Season 2 know that the show definitely left off on a cliffhanger that demands more episodes to reveal what happens next. Gabrielle killed Alyssa, but death is hardly forever on a show about magic, especially when the season ended with Jack carrying her body and a spell book into the forest.

Assuming Alyssa returns, would she be the same Alyssa who died? And what would Jack have to do to bring her back? And how will The Order pick up again? Unsurprisingly, creator Dennis Heaton didn't drop all kinds of details about what will immediately happen in a third season, if Netflix gives the order, but he teased how the show could return:

Will we come in the same way we did this season, very close after the events of the end of the first season? That’s entirely possible. Or, we might do a time jump and come into an entirely different kind of world.

We'll have to wait and see if Netflix gives the order for more episodes of The Order. The streamer just renewed a show that it previously cancelled, so it's hard to rule anything out at this point. If Lucifer can come back, what show can't? For now, you can find both full seasons of The Order streaming on Netflix.

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