Creator Of Netflix's Cancelled Show Soundtrack Feels 'Like It Never Came Out'

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Soundtrack is one of Netflix's many originals to be cancelled after only one season, but it also may be one that was the least-hyped ahead of its premiere. Releasing in the same month as high-profile projects like The Witcher Season 1, The Two Popes, and You Season 2, Soundtrack's December 18 premiere didn't get a whole lot of buzz (though we were excited about it). Creator Joshua Safran feels that lack of fanfare in the aftermath of the cancellation.

Joshua Safran weighed in on Soundtrack's release and cancellation:

What if you made a show and no one noticed? That's how it felt with SOUNDTRACK. The most incredible team of artists worked tirelessly on it - some of them (like me) for over two and a half years - and felt we'd made something unique, fresh, weird, and, well, great. And yet, it all but disappeared. Barely even got reviewed. I personally feel like it never came out. When people tell me they've seen it, I want to ask them how they got a copy. It's my first instinct. @bethshax has dreams we're still in post. I think I will feel this way my whole life.

Joshua Safran shared his thoughts on feeling like Soundtrack "never came out" during a lengthy Twitter post, in which he also noted that writer/co-executive producer Beth Schacter felt like the show was still in postproduction and had yet to release.

Considering Joshua Safran and others spent more than two years on Soundtrack, only for the show to get the axe from Netflix a little over a month after quietly premiering in December, it's no wonder he had a lot to say about it. The good news is that the first season of his show, which he describes as "unique" and "fresh" as well as "weird" and "great," isn't going anywhere.

While one season that generated so little buzz and seemingly didn't receive much of a push by Netflix presumably isn't enough for a massive fan campaign for a renewal, as has happened in the past, at least Season 1 will be available. That's not to say Joshua Safran doesn't have some thoughts on how Netflix handles its cancellations:

I have my own thoughts and feelings on trusting an algorithm instead of reaching out to your audience (especially when a show is not easily definable, or based on IP) - but I'll save them for the privacy of offline.

Although Joshua Safran didn't speak out about the Netflix algorithm for its programming, he obviously has some thoughts. It's no secret that Netflix relies on algorithms, as Netflix more or less came to know subscribers better than they knew themselves to make recommendations.

Cary Fukunaga, who came to Netflix for Maniac, revealed the streamer is "a data company" and the "algorithm's argument is gonna win at the end of the day," and the question was whether or not to make creative decisions and risk "losing people." All of this said, Joshua Safran isn't embittered about the whole Soundtrack experience, and he shared that he's seen some "super inspiring" feedback. Take a look:

The ten episodes of the first and now only season of Soundtrack are available streaming on Netflix now. The musical drama stars Jenna Dewan (who worked on a dance-based series for Fox this season as well), Paul James, Callie Hernandez, and more.

For more streaming options that haven't been cancelled, check out our 2020 Netflix premiere schedule. For now, subscribers may want to only count on renewals for shows with as high-profile launches as The Witcher rather than small series like Soundtrack.

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