After Accidental Season 5 Leak, Netflix Makes Lucifer Season 6 Official With Fun Video

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Lucifer fans got a massive boost to the system yesterday with the leak and subsequent confirmation of Season 5’s release date by Netflix. Split in half, Part 1 of 2 will drop on August 21, and the streamer is not stopping there with this week's good news. Despite some fears that it may not come to be, Netflix is making Season 6 official with a fitting video.

Not too long ago, Lucifer was among several Netflix shows that had still not been renewed. This, even though steps were taken behind the scenes to ensure the renewal process would be as easy as possible. Tom Ellis and other cast and crew members struck deals in recent months to return for more Lucifer. Fast forward to now, and Season 6 is officially a-go. Check out Netflix confirming the show's now-final season with this fitting message below:

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Confirmation of Season 6 has been a long time coming for Lucifer fans, who were twice dealt the devastating news of the series’ cancellation – once on Fox and once on the streaming service. Last year, Netflix simultaneously thrilled and crushed fans with the news that Season 5 was happening, but that it would be the show's last. As expected, the Lucifer viewers who fought hard to get the show on Netflix after it was cancelled by Fox were far from pleased to hear about the end.

A petition was started for Season 6, and while Netflix eventually gave the fifth season a larger episode count, it was not everything that fans truly desired. Hope seemed to be burned up for a while, but then 2020 rolled around and provided evidence that Lucifer could potentially get un-cancelled and brought back for a sixth installment after all.

It has been a rocky road from then to now. At one point, Tom Ellis’ deal to reprise his role as Lucifer’s main character seemed to be in jeopardy. Thankfully, a resolution was made on that front, and fans can likely count on more from Ellis on-screen, with his behind-the-scenes prep for the series' future continuing on. (Fans can probably expect to see some of those behind-the-scenes videos, too.)

All of this said, there is a bittersweet aspect of Netflix’s confirmation. The streamer makes a point to say that Season 6 will be the final season emphasizing its finality in all-caps. That newly cemented ending plan will not be lost on devoted fans, who can count Voice coach Kelly Clarkson among them.

Season 6 may be the last season of Lucifer, but it is one more than fans had to look forward to last year, so call it a silver lining. It is not the first or last time that the number six has played a role in Lucifer’s history, so it's almost surprising that Season 6 wasn't the planned endgame from the start.

Whatever the case, Season 6 is coming! Until it arrives, you can stream the first four seasons of Lucifer on Netflix. Part 1 of Season 5 will premiere August 21 on Netflix as one of its 2020 premieres. While you wait for the series to return, check out what summer has in store.

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