TNT's Snowpiercer: 9 Big Questions We Have After Episode 8

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer episode "These Are His Revolutions." Read at your own risk!

The revolution has arrived on Snowpiercer, and it seems like now was about as good a time as ever for Andre Layton, the Tail, and Third to wage their war against the First Class denizens. Of course, that was largely by design thanks to Layton revealing Melanie's secret to LJ, and making sure the upper crust was well into a power struggle of their own that kept their attention held.

The start of the revolution certainly looked strong, but can that pace be maintained through the rest of the season? I'm not entirely sure that it can, especially after that final scene showing Pike in First eating cake. I have a couple of questions based on that scene alone, as well as some regarding some other big events of tonight's episode. So let's get down to business.

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Why The Hell Is Pike Working With First Class?

While I'm familiar with the type of characters that actor Steven Ogg is generally cast as, I have to admit I did not expect Pike's supposed heel turn. While Layton was unwilling to bury the Tail for a better life for himself, it's looking like Pike may be willing to do that and more if First Class is giving him a good enough offer. I could be wrong, and I'm hoping I am, but he was really loving that cake.

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How Did Pike Recover From The Drawers So Soon?

Considering the state of everyone who has come from the drawers, I'm rather amazed that Pike looked to be doing as decently as he was, health-wise. Had he been out of the drawers a long time? And if so, exactly how long? Has Pike been primed to work for First Class since the beginning? I wouldn't be surprised at this stage, given how the Folgers seem to be pushing so hard for power. If so, though, things may get worse for Layton real soon.

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Would Ruth Really Let Melanie Die?

Speaking of surprises, Ruth has really shown a different side since it was confirmed that Melanie had been acting as Mr. Wilford all along. She wants blood and told Melanie as such by saying she would be executed for her crimes. That sounds rather extreme, especially considering Ruth has to understand that Melanie has been the main reason this train has avoided chaos for 7 years. Did the Mr. Wilford concept really mean that much to Ruth, or is she just riding the thought of being  someone with a real say in how the train operates?

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Is Miles Ok Being Holed Up In That Room?

Bennett was forced to lock down the engine room to prevent Grey and his Jackboots from storming the area, and shut off himself and Miles from the rest of the train. Bennett isn't dumb; he's going to know that Miles had something to do with the revolution, and I don't like the kid's chances of holding on in a confined space with a full-grown man. Though with Javi captured, Miles is the only backup Bennett has, so perhaps being a second-in-command will keep Miles from suffering any wrath from Bennett.

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Are Jinju And Bess Done?

The line has been drawn for the revolution, and as the previous episodes have foreshadowed, Jinju and Bess are on opposing sides. It's disappointing, since they were certainly in contention for the most likable couple on the train, but I just don't see them getting back together now that Bess has officially joined in with Third and the Tail. This may make for an uncomfortable reunion later should one of them be captured by the other side, and I have to wonder if either one of them still has enough feelings to speak up and/or spare the other's life if it came to that.

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Why Did People Think So Highly Of Wilford?

Melanie's opinion of Wilford and Ruth's opinion seem to vary wildly, and I'm not quite sure who to believe. Melanie, of course, has kept the train running for seven years, and Ruth... Well, she's good at expressing the needs of First Class. Still, Ruth seems to believe that Wilford was this brilliant man with a vision, and Melanie tried her best this episode to express how untrue that was. Did this mystery man run a massive PR campaign ahead of the train's departure? Did he have a noted track record for success? If he figured out a running train could keep people from freezing to death, surely he can't be quite as thick as Melanie suggested.

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Is Melanie Telling The Truth About Wilford?

If it hasn't been evident by now, I do not trust Melanie Cavill. She's been so consistent about showing that she's willing to say whatever she needs to say to survive. She knows that making it past the next obstacle means she has a good chance at escaping the next opportunity she gets. The whole story about Wilford feels accurate enough, because we know Melanie understands just about everything about the train. Was Wilford really going to run it into the ground though? I'm not so sure on that and am just naturally skeptical of everything she says at this stage.

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Where Do The Brakemen Stand?

Roche and the Brakemen stood aside and let Layton and the revolution pass in tonight's Snowpiercer, but to what end do they support the revolution at large? Staying out of It is help enough, though I think having them join in to help to Third and the Tail would give the rebellion a big advantage. My instinct is that Roche will stick with Layton's side just based on his character, and that the Brakemen will follow suit. I'm sure First won't be happy about that, but they have Grey and the Jackboots to protect them, so it's not a major loss.

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Why Was Strongboy Speaking Mandarin?

In one of the weirder scenes so far from Snowpiercer Season 1, the formerly nonspeaking Strongboy emerged from his Kronole sleep apparently fluent in Mandarin. It doesn't seem like something he knew prior to his trip to the drawers, so is this a side effect of his time in stasis? Kronole is a hell of a drug apparently, and if crazy stuff like that is happening to Strongboy, I'm wondering what long-term effects the Kronole will have on others who have been under for longer stretches.

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