Justice League's Ray Fisher Has Kind Words For Doom Patrol's Cyborg Star And A Warning To Haters

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In recent weeks, Justice League star Ray Fisher stoked some flames on social media by retracting earlier comments that complimented Joss Whedon's work as a replacement director on the comic book team-up feature. While he can't talk out those negative feelings due to signed agreements, Fisher instead opted to lighten the mood by giving a positivity-laden shoutout to the other actor currently portraying Cyborg, Doom Patrol star Joivan Wade.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate all things Cyborg-ian on the small screen, Ray Fisher gave the actor behind Doom Patrol's tech-infused hero some praise after Joivan Wade posted a couple of pics of himself in costume, using the character's familiar "Booyah!" in his message. To that end, Fisher also issued a warning to anyone intending to rain hate down on Wade.

Keep doin’ your thing, @JoivanWade! If anybody out there has a problem with my cybernetic brother from another mother...box, do me a favor and unfollow me. If I catch you hating on him, I’m blocking you. #BORGLIFE

While that may sound like a pretty aggressive stance for someone who seemingly meant to compliment a fellow actor, Ray Fisher's warning to haters stems from the aftermath of his initial comments about Joss Whedon. While the director has remained quiet about the growing number of criticisms Justice League producer and former Warner Bros. exec Jon Berg recently spoke out and alleged that Fisher got upset whenever the post-Snyder team wanted him to say the animated Cyborg's catchphrase "Booyah!"

Thus, there have been certain people on Twitter who apparently believed that Joivan Wade was trying to cause a superhero stir whenever he used the catchphrase in his initial tweet. But even if Ray Fisher might not have wanted to say it for the movie, that doesn't mean he's cool with rando Internet haters going after the Doom Patrol actor for using it innocuously. You can check out the post below.

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Joivan Wade reflected that love right back at Ray Fisher in a response that more directly responded to his own use of the "Booyah" quote.

Love my bro! Thank you! I said it before & I'm say it again. I can't wait to see the @ZackSnydercut & watch you do your thing all over again. guys please understand my Booyah was and is not in reference to anything Snyder related. I'm playing Cyborg... So I tweeted a phrase...

Joivan Wade's Cyborg is definitely used to getting into confrontations on Doom Patrol, though obviously not over the same things. (Though I'm willing to bet that Zack Snyder does exist in that universe.) Season 2 has added several new kinks to the already fucked-up status quo, between the Chief's potentially dour fate and the mysteries surrounding his daughter Dorothy.

New Doom Patrol episodes go live on HBO Max and DC Universe on Thursday mornings, so be sure to catch up before diving into current episodes. And head to our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule to see all the other new and returning shows that are on the way.

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