The Bachelorette Will Reportedly Be Very Different When It Returns For Clare Crawley’s Season

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It's been a long road, Bachelor Nation, but, after having filming for Clare Crawley's time as The Bachelorette delayed since March, we are finally nearing a start date for Season 16 of the ABC hit. And, while we knew that things would have to look very different this time around, we've finally got some confirmed details on how the producers plan to film during our on-going health crisis and try to keep everyone safe.

Many television and film productions are beginning to pick up again after literally everything being suspended by the middle of March. CBS was the first to make serious moves at getting up and running, with its two soap operas currently filming new episodes with serious safety features (including some mannequin-filled sex scenes) in place to help protect actors. And, the situation is no different for the kiss-a-thon known as The Bachelorette, though, as far as we know, no mannequins will be involved in Season least not on camera.

One big problem facing The Bachelorette was how to give fans the experience they expect, when the cast and crew can't travel to far flung locations. We'd heard previously that the production was considering filming everything in one place, in order to get underway as soon as possible, and, according to Entertainment Tonight, that is precisely the plan. Apparently, they are now going to film the entire season (rose ceremonies, dates, and all) at the La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California.

This is a slight change from the late June rumor which said everyone would be heading to the city's Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage for filming, but you can rest assured that it sounds as though the La Quinta has everything they need for Clare and her men to try and fall in love. For starters, fans will know that no Bachelor franchise show is worth watching unless most of the men and women can strip down to their swim-approved skivvies and take a sexy dip, and this resort boasts 41 swimming pools. And, let's be honest, at least a few of those likely include an attached hot tub, so we are all set for any water-bound makeout sesh!

As I said, literally everything will be filmed at this resort, so producers needed to make sure that there were a variety of locations available at one spot, and this place is also outfitted with five golf courses, seven restaurants and 23 tennis courts. Wow, this makes me think two things. First, that sport must be more popular than I realized. And, second, will tennis become the new airplane / helicopter ride of The Bahelorette, where every third date includes a trip to the courts to knock some balls around? I can't wait to find out!

In case you're wondering about how The Bachelorette can film at all, considering the recent spikes in virus cases around the country, the cast and crew will be quarantined before they begin filming, and after everyone receives an initial test. On top of that, the main reason to do everything in one location is so that no one involved in the production has to go anywhere for the duration of the shoot, so that there should be little to no chance of someone who was cleared before suddenly becoming ill. Also, the entire resort has been closed to the public through September, so none of the cast or crew will come upon and randos while there.

That earlier rumor which said The Bachelorette would film in one place also set a potential time frame for filming, which may still be in place. Originally, it was thought that everyone would get to Palm Springs by July 9, quarantine for a week and then begin filming by around July 17, with filming set to wrap by the end of August. While nothing has been confirmed, it is still believed that most of the filming will happen in August, so the production might currently be quarantining at the resort so that they can begin work soon.

There will surely be more updates coming shortly, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more on The Bachelorette (which will airon Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST) and all things Bachelor Nation!

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