Tiger King Joe Exotic Is Getting A Museum Exhibit, Where His Penis Pump Is Just One Item Fans Can Expect

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Tiger King fever swept pop culture back in March 2020, and now fans of the Netflix docuseries will get the opportunity to see some of Joe Exotic's belongings in an exhibit. A number of items, including Exotic's penis pump, will be available at none other than the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, really.

Television personality and museum operator Zak Bagans visited the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, previously owned by Joe Exotic before he went to prison. Bagans went to the park, which is now owned by Jeff Lowe, to produce an episode of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans left Oklahoma with more than just footage for his show. Thanks to Jeff Lowe, who has promised to leave a mess for Carole Baskin at the park, Bagans is now the owner of some of Joe Exotic's belongings that had been left behind at the park. Among those items are Exotic's jeweled crown, pill bottles, clothing, wedding trinkets, and of course the penis pump, according to TMZ. Also included was a glass pipe belonging to Exotic's late husband, Travis Maldonado.

The Ghost Adventures host also received some larger items from Jeff Lowe and the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. For his exhibit, Zak Bagans will be able to use the original “Exotic Animal Park” sign and a section of a wall mural that reportedly features a bullet hole from Travis Maldonado’s suicide, which was documented in Tiger King.

The memorabilia will be showcased in an exhibit at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, but Bagans did more than just visit the park to collect a penis pump as part of his Ghost Adventures production. TMZ previously reported that cadaver dogs were brought into the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park for Ghost Adventures, and the preliminary findings courtesy of the dogs’ trainer suggested they’d found human remains in the alligator pit.

The possibility (and potential challenges when it came to recovery) of human remains in the alligator pit was debunked hours after the initial reports, when law enforcement reportedly discovered animal bones, including a small animal with a tail. Zak Bagans will take some memorabilia, stories, and probably some exciting footage to use after his investigation for Ghost Adventures, but no story of humans being eaten by alligators under Joe Exotic’s watch.

Tiger King fans likely won’t get a look at what happened until they get to visit Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum or see the episode of Ghost Adventures, but Bagans did take to Twitter with a short and sweet message about his experience:

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For now, you can relive the wild ride that was Tiger King with the full series and the somewhat divisive post-show special streaming on Netflix. If you want a look at what Zak Bagans is all about with his Travel Channel series, you can find Ghost Adventures streaming on Hulu.

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