Big Brother Spoilers: Why One Nominee May Be More Dangerous For The House Than The Other

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from Big Brother All-Stars' live feeds as of Monday, August 10. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother All-Stars aired its first nomination ceremony last night on August 9, and after some deliberation, Cody Calafiore locked in his choices for who the first nominees would be. Now it's a battle between Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell to avoid being the first one out of the house, but is one better for players than the other?

Many of the houseguests seem to think the first boot isn't a huge deal, but after Kevin Campbell's comments earlier today, one could make a case he's the bigger threat in comparison to Keesha Smith. Kevin talked out his strategy for next week if he remains in the house, and he's looking to break up the kumbaya vibes in order to play his game.

If I can get through this week, I want to fuck shit up. We need to have sides. I need it to be more black and white. I need to separate it cause this is dumb. My game is when it's sides.

Kevin made that comment to the camera, as there was no one else around as he was talking out this gameplan out loud. Typically players save that kind of talk for the diary room, but Kevin feared going on about all that in the room would make him come off as incoherent and fumbling. Apparently, this talk was just for the live feed audience, who may get a bit excited that he's hoping to make things messy.

Currently, it's looking like Kevin Campbell has more backing to stay in the house compared to Keesha Smith. All he has to do right now is keep his mouth shut, which could be a problem because Kevin has been increasingly erratic with rants like this as of late. The pressure of potentially going home and the paranoia that folks are lying to him might be playing with his head, and Big Brother fans know that's when players are most susceptible to accidentally getting themselves voted out of the house.

At this stage, that seems unlikely. Enzo Palumbo is going to do what Cody Calafiore wants, and Cody wants nominations to stay the same. He has also been pretty vocal about wanting to work with Kevin, so unless Kevin screws that up for himself, he has this one in the bag.

If Kevin Campbell survives the week, he could be the key piece that officially drives the house into two factions. At the moment, it already sounds like Cody Calafiore and Tyler Crispen are on one end of the house, and Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha are on the other. I imagine the rest of the house would immediately gravitate towards those two parties, with Kevin falling in with Cody and Tyler. It really is going to depend on whether someone currently close to Cody captures this week's HOH. Let's continue to wait and see what happens!

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