10 Coolest Things About Big Brother All-Stars House Design

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Big Brother All-Stars is just a couple of days away, and I think this may be the first time in 2020 anyone has been overwhelmingly excited to watch people hang out in quarantine. That's thanks in no small part to the unknowns regarding the cast and Season 22 in general, but slowly but surely, CBS is pulling back the curtain.

CBS has revealed some key looks at the Big Brother house for Big Brother All-Stars, and this may be the coolest design the house has done in some time. Here are some of the cooler features to look forward to (via Instagram), and ones that I hope will be as appreciated by the incoming players as much as the fans.

Big Brother House Living Room Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Giant Lite Brite

One living room wall of the Big Brother All-Stars house is lined with a giant Lite Brite-inspired display with over 1,152 illuminated lights. I'm assuming but also hoping this is an interactive board that houseguests will be able to manipulate in order to make messages for fans or other houseguests. I'm optimistic, but considering only one of those LED displays is easily accessible by houseguests I shouldn't get my hopes up in regards to the feature being interactive. It still looks super cool.

BB Comics Pacers

BB Comics Room

There are some familiar decorations on the walls of one room Big Brother fans will know quite well. The room overall has a comic book aesthetic and on the walls are snippets of popular "BB Comics" caricatures from the past 20 seasons. It's unclear whether or not there will be comics featured of any of the actual houseguests on the walls, though some of the rumored players' characters don't seem to be up on the board. I guess we can't really rule anything out until the cast reveal, and can only continue to wait and see!

Big Brother All-Stars Instagram

Graffiti Of Iconic Big Brother Moments

The BB Comics art isn't the only Big Brother artwork in the house, and now I finally understand what all that "tie-dye" happening in the Big Brother backyard was about. The kitchen has been revamped with graffiti paint that features more iconic Big Brother players and the moments that made them immortal parts of the show's history. My favorite part about this is that the houseguests will be eating at the kitchen island all season with the words "Dan's funeral" seen just slightly above their heads on the wall behind them.

Big Brother CBS

Vibrant Colors

Typically, I would raise an eyebrow at a home with tons of different vibrant colors, but this is Big Brother. After Season 21 pared down a lot of the cool stuff one would typically see in the house, I'm more than happy to see the color back. A bland Big Brother house should not be the setting for a season (unless a certain twist is happening) that could be a massive love letter to the franchise's past.

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Showmance Room

Typically, I'm not a huge fan of when a Big Brother season has a showmance. I will accept they are a part of the game, however, and when so many of these players have found real and lasting love in the house, it's only fitting they should be memorialized on a pillow in this room. Plus, with this season being an all-star year, perhaps this will be the only real mention of a showmance we see all season.

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Rubber Duck Bathroom

The rubber duck has been a staple in Big Brother for years, and now, it's finally getting its due. This season's bathroom is lined wall-to-wall with rubber duckies, and I'm hoping a good deal of them are removable for placement around the house. I'd like to see the season's hot tub just stacked with these ducks at some point this season, or maybe a scavenger hunt to find the larger ones if people get bored?

Big Brother Instagram

Photo Room

Big Brother has always been about voyeurism to some degree, so why not lean into that with a room full of cameras and lighting equipment? No, I'm not talking about the diary room, but a bedroom that features studio equipment and photos of some iconic moments from Big Brother's history. I'm sure some of those photos will fall as the show goes on, but for now, this may be one of my favorite rooms of Big Brother All-Stars.

Key Room Big Brother CBS

The House Key Room

At first glance, I'll admit I thought this was the weakest room of the re-design. Then I heard Julie Chen say that the columns are stylized to look like keys and there are 40 framed keys within the room, and damn, it may be the most intriguing of the bunch if nothing else. Sure, it doesn't have the flash of the others, but there's something really classy about this room that calls back to a symbol each of these players was super psyched about when they first saw it.

Big Brother Instagram

Day Bed

The lounge area of Big Brother All-Stars is dominated by this massive day bed that looks like it could fit a 6-person alliance, and it just might. What I really love about this space is it's just above the kitchen, and I guarantee at least one person is going to be overheard strategizing on that bed by someone on the lower levels. There's nothing better than when secret plans are uncovered by someone out of the loop, and I'm just hoping that happens due to this bed at one point or another.

Big Brother CBS

An HOH Room I Actually Want To Live In

Real talk, I can understand the appeal of finally getting the HOH room in Big Brother. The privacy to shower and use the bathroom is great enough, but overall, the look of these rooms has been pretty basic. This time around, the room looks pretty glamorous and like a space I'd want to live in even though I have a house of my own. Also, I can't really put my finger on it, but doesn't this room look somewhat inspired by Friends?

Big Brother All-Stars premieres on CBS Wednesday, August 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise, and for the latest happening in television and movies.

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