Orlando Bloom Talks Excitement Over Baby Girl With Katy Perry's Birth Ahead Of Carnival Row Season 2 Filming

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It's been a loooong quarantine, you guys. But, while many of us have had to struggle or go out of our way to find things to look forward to over the past several months, there are some of us who have excitement and hopeful looks toward the future a bit more built in. Carnival Row star Orlando Bloom is one such person, as he and Katy Perry will be expecting their first child together in just a few weeks. And, Bloom isn't afraid to share his excitement with the rest of us.

Orlando Bloom recently spoke with Jimmy Fallon for The Tonight Show to talk about quarantine living and his work with UNICEF, and while he (and pretty much everyone else involved in television and film production) is still unable to work for a while yet, he did talk about how happy he is to have had this time to spend with his fiancee before she gives birth. On top of that unexpected family time, he's also just super pumped to have a little girl on the way, telling Fallon:

I’ve been feeling really grateful. Obviously, I have a little baby girl on the way… I’m so excited to have a little Daddy’s Girl. I hope she’s gonna love me as much as I love her. That Daddy Girl thing, that love of your life feeling I think is right around there, you know?

While it can still seem odd to some of us that anyone can feel grateful right now, even with a baby on the way, Orlando Bloom did say that's he's been able to find "solace" during quarantine, is looking at this as a time to "reset" and just hoping that everyone can keep reflecting on life as things begin to open up and get back to something which looks like normal again.

Speaking of normal, Bloom also mentioned that he had been working a lot before having to retreat to quarantine, and fans will know that he was in the process of filming Season 2 of his hit Amazon fantasy, Carnival Row, when filming had to be suspended in March. The cast and crew had been in Prague, and it was just back in June that Bloom's co-star, Cara Delevingne, said that they had finished filming six of the eight episodes which had been ordered for the second season. But, she noted that she didn't expect filming to start up again until the winter.

Fortunately, it seems as though the production will have a pretty clear window to return to filming by this winter, seeing as how Prague already began to lift restrictions on filming back in May, just with some much needed new rules in place to try and protect everyone involved and keep the country as healthy as possible when film and TV crews return to the city from around the world for production to restart.

Luckily, this all means that Orlando Bloom will likely get the opportunity to stay with Katy Perry and their new little girl for a while before he returns to Prague for Carnival Row. And, hopefully, he'll get in enough new parent time with the baby for her to be firmly settled as a Daddy's Girl before he has to leave for work.

Carnival Row Season 2 doesn't have a premiere date just yet, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. In the meantime, you can see what else will be available for viewing in the coming weeks with our fall TV guide!

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