Big Brother All-Stars' Houseguests Are Using Bidets, But It's Not Because Of COVID

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It's no secret that CBS had to pull some strings for the Big Brother All-Stars cast to get them on board. Times are tough, and the network was doing all it could to bring veterans back to the game at any cost. This included fulfilling a request to add bidets to the house toilets, but not because the show had to limit contact between the houseguests because of using toilet paper, per COVID protocols. It was a request by Kaysar Ridha, who said he would not do the show unless Big Brother installed them in the toilets.

It sounds like a primadonna move, but in truth, Kaysar Ridha had religious reasons for the request. TMZ reported that Kaysar wanted the bidets installed to stay in line with his Muslim faith, which has strict beliefs in regards to cleanliness. In Islam, it is believed the body's wellness is connected to the spirit, and that followers should stay as clean as possible before prayer.

So far, the Big Brother All-Stars houseguests aren't exactly mad about it. While there has been some jealousy that Kaysar Ridha got such a big ask from production, you can hear, in a conversation between the houseguests, that they're grateful Kaysar asked for it.

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It sounds like Cody Calafiore was certainly on board with the bidet, and there has been scattered talk about it throughout the house in the opening week of Big Brother All-Stars. Some houseguests have used the device for the first time, and it's sounding like they may be converts to the bidet lifestyle once the game is over.

Among those already on board is Nicole Anthony, who had an epiphany of sorts while thinking about them. In a conversation with seemingly no one but the live feed audience, Nicole came up with an idea for a bidet that isn't for your rear, but another part of your body.

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I feel like Nicole Anthony could just invest in a Super Soaker to address that face washing problem, and I question just how effective a "face bidet" would be in comparison, but I like the innovation. Who would've guessed the first week of Big Brother All-Stars would be loaded with more talk about everyone's bathroom habits than it would be of actual gameplay?

It's looking like a special bidet may be needed to clean off a fan in the near future, because some shit is about to hit one. The Big Brother All-Stars house is slowly but surely drawing a line in the sand, where it's one section of the house versus the other. Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina certainly still look to be the biggest targets in the house, but they could really shake things up if someone within their circle snags control.

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