Why Big Brother All-Stars' Nicole Franzel And Janelle May Go To War Soon

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from Big Brother All-Stars live feed. Read at your own risk!

The opening week of Big Brother All-Stars might be one of the most boring in recent memory, but Monday night has brought some promise that next week could heat up in a major way. First, Kevin Campbell has some big plans if he can survive eviction night and, now, it's looking like Nicole Franzel and Janelle Pierzina could go to war soon.

There has been some microtension between Janelle and Nicole F since the move in but nothing that I would've considered actionable until last night. Nicole got emotional when a conversation between Janelle and Kaysar Ridha was going on in the bedroom, and she wasn't able to go to bed. Nicole stepped outside the room to cry and let Keesha Smith know some of the things she didn't appreciate about Janelle:

I'm just tired and I want to go to bed at like 10 o' clock, and I swear they're staying up so I can't get any sleep. She never has to wear her friggin costume! I had to carry my...I couldn't even put my sausage down for two seconds!

That final bit was in reference to Janelle Pierzina's punishment star costume, which she only wore for most of the day. In Season 16 of Big Brother, Nicole Franzel wore a classical German lederhosen outfit as a punishment and carried around a giant stuffed sausage and a beer stein. Apparently, production got on to Nicole for not having her full costume on, and she's feeling some resentment that Janelle isn't being subjected to the same treatment.

Keesha Smith was the only one present for that conversation but, with the way word travels in the house, I imagine it won't take long for Nicole Franzel's latest rant to reach Janelle Pierzina's ears. Considering Nicole didn't ask either party to keep it down before she left the room and cried, I can see one of them wanting to set the record straight to the house that they weren't intentionally keeping her up.

It's worth noting that Nicole Franzel has privately held discussions on next week's nominations and is signaling to people that she thinks Janelle Pierzina is a threat. She could just be playing to Cody Calafiore's wishes, knowing the house is slowly dividing up between Cody and Tyler Crispen's camp versus Janelle and Kaysar's. Though in general, it seems Nicole and Janelle have it out for each other. As Janelle pointed out in a conversation with Kaysar yesterday, it may be they're just polar opposites in terms of personality:

She is super, super insecure. That's how she always is. It's frustrating for me cause I am not insecure...She is the opposite of me. She shows everything. It's exhausting.

The growing feud between Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel creates an interesting storyline for the coming week, where the new Head of Household will certainly be encouraged to put one of the two on the block. If Kaysar Ridha or Janelle get the prize, I think Nicole will be one of the two nominations. If someone in Cody Calafiore's current alliance gets it, expect to see Janelle and Kaysar competing to stay alive without the Safety Suite to bail them out again. Who will win this battle of two icons?

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