Big Brother Live Feed Tips: 9 Key Things To Know For Beginners

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Big Brother All-Stars 2 is officially underway, which means for some it's all Big Brother all the time. Such is the life of a live feeds consumer, who obsessively watches each and every minute for the duration of the competition, and with good reason. The live feeds are a blast to watch, provided one knows what they're doing while using them.

For anyone just now getting in on the action, or anyone skeptical of the appeal of live feeds, this is mandatory reading. The following runs down the basics of being a live feed viewer, the reason why it only enhances the Big Brother experience, and why you'll soon become as hopelessly addicted to it as I am currently.

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Watching On Computer Gives The Most Options

I'm not the biggest fan of watching things on my laptop versus a television, but I can't deny the appeal of doing it on the computer in regards to Big Brother All-Stars 2 live feeds. As of this writing, watching the live feeds on a computer browser is the only way to travel back through feeds. which is mandatory for those who want to catch up on the important moments they missed while at work or doing other things. Watching on television is fine just to have it on in the background, but it can get a bit frustrating knowing you have more options elsewhere.

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Start At Quad Cam, Then Focus In

Viewers have four cameras to choose from on Big Brother All-Stars 2's live feeds, and it's not always obvious where the action is at. Jumping in on an individual camera immediately could result in watching a houseguest pick at their teeth (or eat a watermelon) for no reason for five minutes, meanwhile, a juicy conversation is happening in the loft. The quad-cam gives a full picture of what all is happening in the house and lets the viewer decide who they want to listen in on. Always start there, then pick where to dial in on.

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Most Conversations In Non-Bedrooms Aren't About Game

If any of the camera feeds are in the living rooms or bathrooms, more often than not the chatter won't be about the game. Most strategy talk happens in the bedrooms, typically behind a closed door. If you're tuning into the live feeds of Big Brother All-Stars 2 to get an idea of what moves players may make, who won HOH, or who is getting nominated this is the place to be. Yes, the feeds get cut for actual competitions, but the tea is almost always spilled by a player later on about who did what.

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The Stream Will Drop For Various Reasons

Big Brother live feeds are presented as raw and unfiltered, but it needs to be said that it's not quite all that. The stream will drop several times momentarily for any number of reasons, and that's just a reality Big Brother All-Stars 2 fans will need to accept. Sometimes it's a player getting undressed, or someone singing copyrighted music. Other times it's conversation that production doesn't want live-streamed. Don't worry there's a good deal of drama that doesn't even make the final edit for episodes sometimes, but when the season goes down to the wire, expect to see a lot of the stream being dropped for minutes on end.

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If The Stream Goes To Live Animals, Something Big Is Happening

If Big Brother All-Stars 2 cuts to cute adoptable animals on all screens, something big is going down. Typically it's one of the big competitions, the nominations, or the veto meeting. These events don't get broadcast on the live feeds. Obviously CBS wants to even give the live feed watchers a reason to tune into the network episodes, so this is a compromise we all have to live with. I'm not saying I like it, but it is what it is.

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Once Feeds Resume, It's Time To Listen Closely

While waiting on the live animal feeds to come back up can be agonizing, it's well worth it. The hours immediately following a competition are often when the most game is talked between players, and where the real talk begins. Whether it's the nominations or who just won a competition, information is usually shared right after the feeds come back. People who are aligned will want to talk with who they're aligned with, and the ones out of the loop will quickly realize there's a reason no one is talking to them. Tensions can also run high, and fights can break out. Long story short, this is one of the best times to have the feeds up, so keep an eye on when they're back up.

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You'll See Important Things That Don't Make Episodes

The Big Brother editing team is tasked with editing down a week of footage into three hour-long episodes each week, and while they can craft the general gist of what went down, there's just so much that goes unseen. If you're watching an episode of Big Brother All-Stars 2 and it seems like a blindside came out of nowhere, there's a good chance the live feed crowd wasn't at all surprised. If you like to be in the know and feel informed on Big Brother, the live feeds are mandatory.

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Take Everything Players Say With A Grain Of Salt

One thing I can say about the live feeds is that viewers tend to jump to a lot of conclusions about the things said. If Big Brother All-Stars 2's Tyler Crispen is talking game with Bayleigh Dayton for the first time, there's really no way of telling if he was telling the truth to her or Cody Calafiore an hour later. The episode editors know the full context of statements when they edit things down, and the diary room segments only give more clarity. You won't get those watching live feeds, so just remember, this is a game where people are going to lie.

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It's Chaotic, But Worth It

The Big Brother All-Stars 2 live feeds will be chaotic, hard to navigate, and occasionally boring as hell. It's not easy work, but hanging on for those golden moments make it all worthwhile. Keep the faith, keep watching, and get ready for that wave of satisfaction when someone starts dumping on another player, past or present, or when the master plan is unveiled, and you'll understand why people watch the feeds so obsessively.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 live feeds air on CBS All Access. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the season, and for the latest happening in television and movies.

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