Chrissy Teigen Confirms Third Baby With A Look At Her Pregnant Belly

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If you pay even a little bit of attention to pop culture, you'll know that model and Chrissy's Court star Chrissy Teigen loves her some social media. And, because of her commitment to sassy clapbacks, sense of humor, and general realness, she's gotten herself millions of followers. Well, as could be expected after sharing a funny and honest post about getting her breast implants removed, Teigen has now used social media to reveal something else super personal to fans: she and husband John Legend are expecting their third child!

Chrissy Teigen and her EGOT-winning husband John Legend have been married since 2013, and the couple already have daughter Luna, 4, and son, Miles, who's now 2, so it would seem like they enjoy the idea of having their kids be roughly two years apart, because baby number three is now on the way. Take a look at the very real Twitter post which Teigen used to formally announce the new arrival, so we can further discuss this below:

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"Look at this third baby shit," indeed, Ms. Teigen! What a perfect little baby bump. And, Teigen looks super chic in her formfitting black pants (are those are leggings?) and her formal black jacket with gold buttons, which tastefully cover her new, slimmer breastage. I have to say, though, while I'm totes happy for the Teigen Legend clan, I'm way more interested in everything that's going on in the background of this super short video. Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to post a baby announcement video that shows off how the couple (possibly) lives on a day to day basis, right?

First of all, if you can manage to tear your eyes away from the lovely Chrissy Teigen and her new bump, you will see that John Legend is actually in the background in what appears to be their kitchen. It looks like he's either cooking or cleaning, because he's not paying his wife any mind as he lifts what looks to be a large casserole dish from the counter and takes it to the oven (dishwasher?). I know he's an accomplished songwriter / singer / musician and seems to be an all around cool dude, but, ladies, if you get a man who has all that and will clean / cook...hold on for dear life just like our girl Chrissy has!

Secondly, um, I think Chrissy Teigen would be blunt about this so I might as well spit it out...What the hell happened in this kitchen? There literally appear to be clothes everywhere. There are clothing items piled on the table (couch?) next to her in the video, spilling off of the countertop onto the floor, on the floor in a separate location, and possibly some purses on the kitchen counter as well. Was this all just so Teigen could find the perfect outfit for this baby reveal video? Or, is this how the Teigen Legends have just been doing quarantine? Either way, I really appreciate seeing a celeb home which looks like someone actually lives in it, don't you?

At first I also thought that the mirror Teigen filmed herself in was dirty, but then I realized she'd just added an effect to the video to make it seem scratchy. Which is fine enough, but I do wonder if she was hoping it would distract from the slightly chaotic background just a bit. Maybe not, but, to be honest, Teigen is so unfiltered as a rule that it certainly doesn't do anything but help to see a little snippet of their real lives right now. And, if she had filmed in a dirty mirror, I wouldn't be mad at it.

Well, congrats again to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend! I'm sure she'll be sharing more of her pregnancy journey before long, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest.

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