Chrissy Teigen Got So Excited On Family Feud She Chipped A Tooth

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Chrissy Teigen will soon be competing on Family Feud, but she cannot share certain details about her time  on the popular game show. One detail she can spread around, though, is that she chipped a tooth while filming the episode. That's not all she had to say, either. Describing how filming the installment went, Teigen said:

I can’t say if we won or lost Family Feud but we definitely brought a flask, I definitely chipped a tooth and there was definitely a record set.

Yes, this is the most epic update Chrissy Teigen shared on Instagram. Chipping a tooth on a televised game show is a level of committed ferocity that few can say they have had. Teigen clearly went full-tilt for her upcoming episode of Family Feud, which will see her husband John Legend as her teammate. The couple, alongside some other family members, will face off against the cast of the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules.

The episode was filmed on Sunday, February 17, according to what Chrissy Teigen shared on Twitter, where she confirmed her mom and sister will fill out the rest of her and John Legend’s team, along with Legend’s brother. It sounds like filming Family Feud turned into quite the party. I suppose she could have just put soda in that flask, but probably not.

Now, about that record that was set. Teigen probably wasn't talking about chipping her tooth in that respect, although that seems like something that could be a first for this or any game show. Family Feud is known for featuring some larger than life moments usually tied to Steve Harvey's befuddlement. How, Chrissy Teigen chipped her tooth is currently a mystery, but one that will hopefully be solved when the episode airs.

Chipping a tooth can happen for any number of reasons, so it could be intriguing to find out what happened here, along with the record-breaking element. Was the flask involved? Nothing in the picture seems to give anything away there.

Chrissy Teigen had a lot to be excited about when it comes to filming the episode. Not only was she on Family Feud, but she also went up against the cast of one her favorite TV shows, Vanderpump Rules. A recipe for tremendous excitement, if ever there was one.

If all of this was not enough to get you to tune in, this tweet might offer further incentive. Apparently, Steve Harvey and Chrissy Teigen make a great duo. Check out the tweet, which garnered a positive enough response from Teigen herself.

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This should be quite a hilarious episode. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have been public about their passion for Vanderpump Rules, but will they try to stomp the cast on Family Feud? Just because they are fans does not mean they are going to go easy on the competition.

With previous celebrity families appearing such as the Kardashians and the Wests, the new season of Celebrity Family Feud is set to premiere this summer. An air date for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s episode of Family Feud has not been revealed yet. So, stay tuned. It should air sometime this summer on ABC.

That means you will have some time to wait before laying your eyes on the sure-to-be-thrilling episode. And in the meantime, lots of new shows await viewers in the midseason.

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