Good News, Even COVID Couldn't Stop The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Baking Show promo photo

While we are still a ways a way from the novel coronavirus being successfully tampered in parts of the world, in many places TV and movie productions have started returning to normal. Chief among these is The Great British Bake Off, the long-running Channel 4 series which will air a new season coming up. (In the U.S., episodes air on PBS and Netflix under The Great British Baking Show.)

In fact, the show announced this week that filming has already wrapped on the new Great British Bake Off, thus marking the 11th series the show will have aired in total and the upcoming fourth season on Channel 4. Take a look at the filming announcement below.

The kitchen looks markedly normal in the first look at Season 11; however, there were a lot of comments from fans under the post remarking about social distancing and having “something normal” to look forward to. One amusing person was more concerned about the hot temps the U.K. has seen lately, which has been an issue in previous seasons of The Great British Bake Off before – particularly when chocolate challenges are involved. Twitter user Wine Me Up Wench noted:

Everyone else’s first though was regarding social distancing but mine was ‘please tell me the poor contestants didn’t have to bake in the tent during the heatwave ?!’

Judge Paul Hollywood also responded after the show “finally managed to finish” the new series of The Great British Bake Off in a video message to his fans. He noted some details about filming and it all sounds like a bit more of an undertaking than usual.

It’s all down to Love Productions. We have a fantastic crew, great team. Big thank you to all the staff at the hotel for looking out for us for nearly 7 weeks. It’s been a long time. It’s been really unusual filming this year obviously under COVID conditions. But the lockdown has been amazing actually and I want to say a big thank you to everybody.

The return hasn’t been without a few minor snafus, however. Prue Leith recently revealed that she had to bow out of the Juniors version of Bake Off after schedule conflicts came up. Junior Bake Off was supposed to film right after The Great British Bake Off earlier in 2020, but as the latter got pushed back, so did the former and Pru had something else lined up for this fall. The coronavirus strikes again! Ravneet Gill has joined that series instead.

All in all, though, it’s good news coming up. Fans in the U.K. and across the pond will be getting new episodes of The Great British Bake Off and hopefully soon. There are myriad other TV productions heading back to work right now in the U.K., Canada and even the U.S. in some instances, so Bake won't be the only show making a triumphant return. You can see more of what will be hitting this fall with our full TV premiere schedule.

Meanwhile, as soon as we get more details about Series 11 of The Great British Bake Off we will be sure to share them. Hopefully with some choux pastry.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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