5 Twilight TV Shows We Want To See Happen

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight Saga: Eclipse
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It's never been an easy task to adapt beloved books onto film. Some franchises have lucked out, such as the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films. But for the most part, the typical gripe fans of the books have is that the filmmakers didn’t set aside enough time to develop all the characters within the confines of the movies. Almost ten years removed from the Twilight Saga and coming off the recent release of Midnight Sun, the thirst for more from Stephenie Meyer’s established world has returned, except I’d rather skip out on a remake and see an original Twilight TV show.

And… technically we’ve already seen a Twilight-ishtelevision show too – CW’s The Vampire Diaries offered a Bella-adjacent protagonist set in an overcast town with two hunks to choose between. Even still, there’s a ton about Stephenie Meyer’s cultural phenomenon that could make for stellar TV. Here are my pitches if Twilight theoretically switched over to the small screen. I’m ready, @ me Summit!

Renesmee and Bella Swan in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

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A Twilight Sequel Series About Renesmee Cullen

Of course the natural return to Twilight would be through a sequel, continuing the story started by Edward Cullen and Bella Swan through their daughter Renesmee’s golden eyes. When the series drops off in Breaking Dawn, it was seriously starting to get good and fans would certainly love to see how the story unfolds for their daughter after her parents have settled down into their forever as vampires. Renesmee Cullen is a vampire/human hybrid, who has the best of both worlds when it comes to her genetics. We know she will grow to adulthood at a rapid speed and continue to keep her youth. Renesmee can sleep and eat food if she wishes, but also does have a thirst for human blood as well.

My vision for a Renesmee Cullen television show might center on her “teen” years that would have her pushing back on some of the BS Bella put up with during the Twilight saga. After reading Midnight Sun, we know better than ever how protective Edward is about Bella, imagine when he gets into protective father mode? Also, Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee... which has to be a complicated relationship. This series would be about her decision to live her life away from high school and vampire/werewolves of Forks in a unique spin on the coming-of-age storyline.

the Volturi in Twilight: New Moon

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Procedural Crime Show Starring The Volturi Guard

Steering away from the main storyline of Twilight, I’ve always been curious about the inner-workings of the Volturi, the largest coven of vampires in Stephenie Meyer’s imagined world, who spend their days enforcing the laws of bloodsuckers across the globe. When it came to the adaptation of the Volturi for the big screen, they gave off a more comical appeal in their silk robes and old-timey speak. And yes let’s keep some of this but if handled more delicately, seeing Volturi travel from country to country to enforce the law on vampire communities could be both entertainingly eccentric and wildly gripping.

There are, no doubt, serial-killer vampire types, large-scale blood-market schemes or secret wars between clans the Volturi has to play crowd-control on. Edward’s methods to attempt his death in New Moon must also inspire other depressed vampires to expose themselves to the public. I imagine a Volturi television show would center on the Volturi Guard, which includes Chelsea, Alec and Jane and perhaps a new recruit learning the ropes.

Quileute wolf pack in Twilight New Moon

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Teen Soap About Forks’ Quileute Wolf Pack

An aspect of the Twilight books that was really intriguing to read about but never quite got enough screen time in the movies is the dynamics between the Quileute Wolf Pack, which grows exponentially larger during the events of the series in a short matter of time. This TV pitch is the closest one on this list to a Twilight remake, because I would like to see the timeline of the saga through the perspective of the wolf pack.

Specifically, the Uley pack that is formed by Sam and later involves Paul, Jared, Embry, Jacob, Leah and Seth. It's interesting how those who are not werewolves yet get to see changes in their childhood friends who have become part of the pack but don’t know why until it happens to them. When they do become part of it, they share each other's thoughts and imprint on others. It's the perfect setup for a juicy teen drama series that I’m honestly surprised the CW hasn’t jumped on yet.

Carlisle Cullen in Twilight

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Carlisle Cullen’s Medical Drama Through The Ages

A staple of modern television is the medical drama and in recent years networks have attempted to mix up the genre… mostly by just setting them in different cities. Carlisle Cullen would be a prime character to pump new blood into the subgenre. He’s one of the most intriguing characters in the franchise because of all the sacrifices he makes in order to practice medicine. Everyday he must suppress his inherent thirst for blood when working on patients and he goes out of his way to do this rather than travel the world for eternity or something of the like.

This Twilight spinoff could perhaps be initially set up in Carlisle’s daily life as a doctor in Forks, and unfold his past life through flashbacks. One particular element about this show that could interest medical drama fans is Carlisle has the context of working in medical scenarios throughout history starting with the New World and the time before where he was part of the Volturi and son of a pastor who led the charge against vampires and werewolves in London.

Alice and Jasper Cullen in Twilight Saga

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Alice & Jasper’s Own Romantic Comedy

How am I doing so far? Hopefully not too off into obscurity Twilight fans? Now some of us got into the series for the vampire BF, but ended up really liking the lore, but this last one is for the fans who have always been in it for the romance. Alice and Jasper’s love story is arguably the greatest within the saga, yet it could not be fully fleshed out due to the attention being on Edward and Bella. What’s particularly interesting about the pair is how their vampire powers have informed their attraction. Alice can tell the future and Jasper can influence one’s feelings.

Since Alice and Jasper met in the ‘50s, this show would be primed as a period piece. Adorably enough, Alice sees her future with Jasper and falls in love with him before they actually come face-to-face. I would like the show to begin with her first vision of her soulmate, and follow her as she attempts to make it a reality and find the best scenario to make their love story how she wants it to. It would be the perfect way to give the couple more screentime and bring their storylines more depth.

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