Chicago Fire Creator Explains Why It’s Great That One Star Will Be A Series Regular This Year

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Chicago Fire will be changing some things up with Season 9. For one, the NBC drama lost Annie Ilonzeh’s Emily Foster after the show’s eight season, so it will be down one character for a while. However, one recurring actor got a promotion to take on a more prominent position within the cast as a series regular, so everyone can get ready to see more from Darren next season. Chicago Fire’s co-creator Derek Haas is certainly pumped, and has explained why that big news is so great.

Daniel Kyri will be a series regular when Chicago Fire returns in November to finally follow up on its impromptu season finale, so Kyri’s Darren Ritter will almost definitely become a bigger part of some storylines. Kyri has been on the fiery drama in a recurring capacity ever since its seventh season, but that recently changed, and Chicago Fire’s co-creator and EP Derek Haas has ecstatically revealed that the actor has been a source of joy for the writers, saying this to Deadline:

Very excited Daniel is going to be a series regular this year. Ritter has become a big part of Firehouse 51, and Daniel plays him with a sincerity and depth that always makes the room excited to write for him. Expect to see some big Ritter action in Season 9.

It sounds like fans can count on Ritter getting into a lot of action when Season 9 kicks off in November. Ritter taking on a more prominent role only bodes well for the drama, and all involved seem to be fully aware of it. Check out the celebratory tweet heralding Daniel Kyri’s promotion below:

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Yes, you are! News of Daniel Kyri’s promotion comes as fans continue to keep hope alive that Monica Raymund will re-join her former co-stars on Chicago Fire once again. Raymund had not sworn off the idea, so that is something. If Raymund ever returns full-time or otherwise, Kyri will hopefully still be a series regular at that point.

Thankfully, Ritter was able to survive last season’s dangerous season-ender. The good news is that Ritter’s future continues to bode well due to his newly heightened status. Series regulars typically get seen more, while remaining safer in the long-term. On a show that takes as many tragic twists as Chicago Fire takes that is a great albeit not entirely full-proof safety net to have.

News of Daniel Kyri’s promotion comes after a near-fatal twist for Ritter. When Chicago Fire was deciding who to kill off in the Season 8 premiere, Ritter was in contention. Chicago Fire’s executive producer, Derek Haas, admitted to TV Insider that before settling on Otis, he had considered Kyri’s Ritter. In the end, he obviously decided differently, with Otis making his exit instead. It is wild to think that one stroke of the pen could have changed Ritter’s destination and his current status. Chicago Fire evidently knows that there is, even more to explore when it comes to Ritter in his third season on the drama.

From a brush with death behind-the-scenes to becoming a series regular in Season 9, Daniel Kyri has already had an exciting ride on Chicago Fire. Time will tell if Ritter’s love life gets further explored in the drama upcoming season, and Chicago Fire fans will have to stay tuned to see if the fan-favorite’s romantic side gets a more extensive look similar to those of his fellow characters.

See how Daniel Kyri will be a bigger part of lighting up Chicago Fire when Season 9 premieres on NBC on Wednesday, November 11, at 9 p.m. ET. It's only one of this fall’s returns, so check out our Fall 2020 TV schedule to see when everything else will be hitting primetime and beyond.

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