How Chicago Fire's Season 8 Finale Could Change Brett In Season 9, According To The Showrunner

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 8 finale of Chicago Fire on NBC, called "51's Original Bell."

Chicago Fire has officially (if somewhat prematurely) wrapped its eighth season on NBC, and the finale ended on a note that could result in some changes for Firehouse 51's EMTs. While Foster is pursuing a potential return to medical school, Brett's future is a little less clear. With her partner possibly leaving and Julie's husband Scott dropping a bombshell on her, what's next for Brett? Well, Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas has some reassuring words for fans who might have ended the finale worried about Brett's longevity.

Scott's bombshell reveal that he's taking baby Amelia and moving back to Rockford threw a wrench in Brett's plan to be there for her sister and watch her grow up. With her partner potentially leaving Firehouse 51 and her dynamic with Casey remaining firmly in the friendship zone, might Brett consider leaving Firehouse 51 to join Scott and Amelia? I posed this very question to Derek Haas, whose response should please Brett fans:

I don’t think Brett is going anywhere, but we do want to see her continue to be a great big sister. There might be a trip to see Scott and her baby sister next season.

Scott and baby Amelia leaving Chicago doesn't mean Brett can't be part of their lives, according to Derek Haas. Brett and Casey did make the trip to meet Julie without spending days on the road, so it stands to reason that Brett could drop by for a visit with her sister. Whatever might (or might not) happen to split the partner dynamic between Foster and Brett, at least one of Firehouse 51's EMTs seemingly isn't going anywhere.

Considering the rate of turnover with the EMTs compared to firefighters (with poor Otis as the most recent exception, since Capp survived his injuries in the Season 8 finale) at Firehouse 51, I for one am glad to be confident that Brett will be around. Even if Foster moves from Chicago Fire to Chicago Med, there will be a familiar face in Ambulance 61.

Still, with "51's Original Bell" (teasing Foster's possible departure) also featuring Violet Lin, a.k.a. the EMT from Firehouse 20 played by Hanako Greensmith, in a pretty prominent role, I found myself wondering if Violet could join Firehouse 51 to fill an EMT vacancy. When asked how Violet would fit in with the Firehouse 51 crew, showrunner Derek Haas shared:

We love her and want to see more of her in Season 9. I think she’s terrific and plays the character with just the right amount of fun and swagger.

A return of Hanako Greensmith as Violet in Season 9 (whether or not she would take a spot in Ambulance 61) would presumably mean more romantic shenanigans between Violet and Gallo, which added some levity to Chicago Fire Season 8 and helped establish Gallo as a multidimensional character in a firehouse filled with long-running characters. There may or may not be changes to the EMT dynamic at Firehouse 51 in Fire Season 9, but it sounds like fans can expect more of Violet.

Fortunately, Chicago Fire has been renewed for a whopping three more seasons, meaning that the current cast of characters could be fighting fires and saving lives on primetime through at least Season 11. With Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med already renewed for another three seasons, One Chicago has a long future ahead of it, possibly filled with crossovers. In fact, thanks to Chicago P.D., crossovers between Fire and CBS' FBI and FBI: Most Wanted are possible now.

While there's no saying at this point when Chicago Fire and the rest of the Dick Wolf series will be able to return to the airwaves, there are plenty of options coming to the small screen in the not-too-distant future. Be sure to swing by our 2020 spring premiere schedule for what you can watch and when you can watch it, and don't forget to vote in our poll below about the future of Firehouse 51's EMTs.

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