Finally Some Good Netflix Renewal News: Locke And Key Will Be Back For Season 2

Dodge holding a key in Locke and Key ahead of Season 2

Well, this is some welcome news for fans in self-isolation: Locke & Key will officially be back on the subscription streaming service for Season 2. The news comes down the pipeline after a wave of cancellations at Netflix, so the renewal order is welcome news indeed.

In fact, the Locke & Key team broke the welcome news on Monday, taking to social media to share a fun short video featuring the announcement. The official renewal also comes with the mention of “more keys” which is very exciting, if I do say so myself.

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Fans of the Locke & Key comics should already know there are plenty of keys that were created in works of fiction that have not popped up on the Netflix series yet. The Netflix series has also added some keys as well as pulled additional keys straight from the graphic novels to use on the shows.

In particular I have really, really enjoyed the way the head key has been used on the Netflix series. Locke & Key has been a really interesting series for Netflix, as it has a built-in fanbase and a lot of lore to work with, but the series has been somewhat inconsistent with its writing and the way its characters behaved in Season 1. Shows can get better with time and I’m really hoping that’s true with Season 2, as there’s a lot of just really cool stuff to this series that the Netflix show has not explored yet.

Luckily, there should be plenty to work off of as Locke & Key did have a cliffhanger ending setting up for Season 2.

I assume we’ll have to wait some time before we see more from the show, which is produced by Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill. The first set of episodes only debuted on Netflix back in February. We’ll let you know as more information regarding the upcoming second season is ultimately revealed.

Meanwhile, Netflix has canceled a lot of programs recently. Messiah recently kicked the bucket, as did Marianne, which watchers found “terrifying,” causing that cancellation to be a little more surprising than others. And poor Netflix’s Cheer’s next production is on pause currently thanks to the novel coronavirus, although that’s a separate issue entirely. (In fact a lot of shows, including Netflix's other popular fantasy series The Witcher, have had to pause during the Covid-19 crisis.)

You can take a look at the full list of recently ended programs below.

All in all, I'm really excited to see more from Locke & Key in a second season. But what did you think? Will you stick around for another round of the drama or was the first season enough for you?

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