Stargirl Confirms Its Biggest Villain Will Be Back In Season 2

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Throughout its first season, DC's Stargirl established a completely revamped and modernized lineup for the Justice Society of America, while also introducing audiences to the first major live-action take on the villainous Injustice Society. The good guys won in the end, of course, defeating Icicle and many of his cohorts, though it remains to be seen just how permanent that victory will be, considering the demonic Eclipso is on the way. Certain characters' fates remain unclear for now, but we DO know that Stargirl's biggest ball of rage will definitely be back for Season 2.

That's right, Solomon Grundy is coming back, baby! The literal biggest and baddest villain of Stargirl's first season was notably not killed off during that brawl with Cameron Gellman's Hourman II. And during the superhero series' panel during DC FanDome Day 2, creator and showrunner Geoff Johns confirmed that the hulking CGI monster Solomon Grundy will indeed be returning for more chaos in Season 2. In his words:

Oh yeah, I’m excited for people to see more Grundy. He’s not gone just yet. Cameron knows what we’re going to do with Grundy. We've got some cool story ideas for Grundy coming up.

Huzzah! Solomon Grundy's presence was held to a minimum in Season 1, as the beast was locked up within Dragon King's lair, presumably as one of the mystical villain's more successful experiments (so to speak). Hourman II played a part in getting Grundy freed, which led to a big brawl between the villain and Pat in the S.T.R.I.P.E. suit, which then led to Hourman II nearly taking Grundy's head off. However, that worst case scenario (for Grundy) didn't happen, allowing for his return in the future. Not that it would be easy for Solomon Grundy to live a casual life in Blue Valley without attracting tons of attention.

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Imagine seeing that face coming into a coffee shop to pick up a couple of espresso, and him just tossing the cups down his throat. On second thought, no one should ever give Solomon Grundy any caffeine.

Seeing as how Geoff Johns and the rest of Stargirl's creative team are in the process of breaking down the storylines for Season 2, there wasn't much more information that he could share with the world. But it does sound like fans might get to see more from Solomon Grundy in the second season than we saw in the first, assuming the "cool story ideas" that Johns referenced don't involve the villain just hiding out in a dark room all season.

Will we get to see Solomon Grundy and Cameron Gellman's Hourman II facing off for more destructive fight scenes, or does Geoff Johns have other ideas in mind? Let's not forget that there's comic book precedence for Solomon Grundy transitioning from a pure villain to someone capable of teaming up with the good guys for specific reasons. It's not entirely clear if this version of Grundy is capable of forming complex thoughts or not, such as wanting revenge on Dragon King and the rest of the ISA, but it's entirely possible that he and Hourman II will be fighting on the same side at some point.

Stargirl Season 1 is currently still available to stream on DC Universe, though that might not last too much longer. Season 2 will be a CW exclusive, and if everything holds up out there in the real world, fans will likely see new episodes kicking off in the early months of 2021. While waiting for more information, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule to see what other shows are on the way.

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