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The Masked Singer Season 4 Revealed 5 Wild Costume Types That Will Be Used For The First Time

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While all of our old favorites won't be back on air as soon as we'd like for this fall's TV season, one show fans can count on is The Masked Singer. The clue-filled singing competition managed to wrap up Season 3 before industry wide production shutdowns took place in March, and now those behind the show are forging ahead with Season 4. But, lest you think this will be the same Masked Singer we've come to know and love, the show has just revealed the details on five wild new costume types which will be used for the first time.

We'd already been promised that The Masked Singer would continue to up its game for Season 4, and now we know that part of that has to do with a lot more than just the types of crazy characters we'll be seeing once the hidden masked celebrities begin hitting the stage on September 23. A special sneak peek of the new season aired last night, and even though all 16 of the new costumes were revealed, we also got some details on how some of them are breaking the mold for the competition.

snow owls the masked singer season 4 fox

Snow Owls

Let's start with those Snow Owls, who were shown off last week, and are the very first celebrity contestants to appear on The Masked Singer as a duo. The twosome will have all of their performances and clue packages together, as well as being unmasked at the same time whenever they get booted off (or win!) the season. But, there's yet another first involved in this ground-breaking double costume, as it's also the first mobile costume, which has to be steered by handlebars. I'm wondering which Owl will be in charge of steering, as well as whether or not we'll get to see them perform while wheeling around the set, so I can't wait to see how these two perform.

giraffe the masked singer season 4 fox


Well! Isn't this a dapper...gentlegiraffe? This performer is suited up nicely, but know that even though the costumes on The Masked Singer tend to be at least a bit unwieldy for the famous folk inside, Giraffe will probably be even more difficult to "move and groove" in. Why? Because, this is now the tallest costume ever made for the series, and it comes in at a whopping eight feet tall. I seriously do not envy the person who has to carry all that neck and head around while trying to sing and / or dance, and something tells me that that prodigious neck ruff is actually helping to hide this contestant's face. Which is probably covered with sweat from the effort of carrying Giraffe around.

alien rocket the masked singer season 4 fox

Baby Alien

I mean, come on! This Baby Alien costume is another wonder to behold, right? You guys, it's a whole spaceship! We were told to "look to the stars" as a first clue about the identity of this adorable little E.T., but let's not ignore the fact that this singer will remain completely hidden from view, with not even a hint of their body type or so much as the size of their hands being given away. And, this costume is making waves for becoming the first one which is actually part puppet (in the form of the tiny alien), which will have to be controlled by the whichever brave soul is inside. (Neil deGrasse Tyson? Is that you?)

serpent the masked singer season 4 fox


Man, that is one creepy Serpent. And, this one seems to have a lot going on, more than any snake we'd see in the wild. In fact there appears to be at least one other snake wrapped around Serpent's middle section, not to mention all of those snake-like protrusions coming out of the back. If you can believe it, this outfit gets even more involved than that, because this is now the first Masked Singer costume to use animatronics in order to help move part of it about. So, I now fully expect to see some snaky shenanigans when it comes to all of those, let's just call them tentacles, coming from behind.

Whatchamacalit the masked singer season 4 fox


Wow, guys, I don't even know what to make of this one, but I do suppose that's a large part of the point. Our new friend Whatchamacalit here is almost completely covered in shiny silver, blue and red hair, to the extent that I almost missed that lone eyeball on the head. Apparently, this person's "career had a magical start," and it's now led to them wearing what is the competition's hairiest costume ever. The pose and the glowing backdrop really make this one look creepy, right? Can't wait to see this contestant shake that fringe all over the stage, even though it will likely give me nightmares.

There's no way that fans (some of whom will be able to vote from home this year) won't applaud the efforts made by those working on The Masked Singer to keep the costumes fresh, exciting to watch and really, truly, super weird. We can all see how these competitors fare when Season 4 starts on Fox, Wednesday, September 23 at 8 p.m. EST. For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, check out our fall TV schedule!

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